How to Edit Photos to Tell a Better Story of Your Travels

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How to Edit Photos to Tell a Better Story of Your Travels

When on vacation, do as the influencers do! After all, if you’re visiting an exotic location or having a great time by just being away from the daily grind, you might as well take a ton of photos. But what do you do with those images once home? 

Do you download and print out a few to hang them?

Or, should you dump them as is on social media?

We say do all that but after passing them through the rigors of post-editing.

A few corrections, such as how to edit glare out of photos, and they will really pop

But Why should You Edit?

Before we discuss how to edit photos, let’s look at the why of the matter:

1. The Eye of the Camera

Not even the best camera in the world is as good as your eyes! Try capturing a high dynamic range picture if you don’t believe us. While we’ll be able to see the view from inside on a sunny day, your camera won’t capture it too well. It would make the window look blown-out white and the inside of the room too dark. And that’s one of the many reasons you need to learn how to edit photos!

2. Makes for More Interesting Stories

There’s a reason you’ll find countless post-editing guides on the internet. From picture correction on various devices, such as how to edit photos on Mac, how to edit photos on Android, and how to edit photos on Chromebook  to how it works on different platforms, including:

  • How to edit photos on iPhone to look professional
  • How to edit photos for Instagram
  • How to edit photos in Google Photos 

It’s because editing doesn’t just make your travel photos look good, it also enhances their storytelling aspect. When you choose which key element to highlight, adjust lighting, or learn how to edit people out of photos, you’re telling your viewers where to look and what to focus on.

You’re also setting the mood you want to display. Evoke certain emotions by boosting the narrative flow of your story. 

3. Lets the Cat out of the Personal Expression Bag

People also edit travel photos to express their personal creativity and artistic vision. When we see an image, we’re also absorbing the way its capturer sees the world. So, find out how to edit photos to personalize them and demonstrate your creativity and style.

4. Let’s Get Engaged…Psychologically

Photo editing also affects people on a psychological scale. When you leave your own stamp on a photo, you may feel satisfied and accomplished with the results. 

Just as your viewers will connect with your images, you forge your own emotional connection when you fine-tune. You also get to relive what you felt while having those travel adventures. Experience an immersive and therapeutic state when looking at your past exploits makes you more mindful of your present! 

What should You Edit?

So, now we’ve familiarized you with the whys. Let’s get on with how to edit photos: 

1. Start Framing Everybody!

Framing is often a problem with travel photos. You can fix things with the crop tool by shrinking the frame and recomposing an image to draw eyes towards the subject. It’s the opposite of what painters will do–they add while photographers subtract!

2. It’s Time to Come out of the Shadows

Cameras often make a photo too dark or too bright. They’re limited in how much light they can see as compared to our eyes. If you want an image to look the way it looks to you, use shadow and highlight edit tools. Look for guides on how to edit night photos on iPhone to make shadows brighter and darken the highlights for an eye-friendly result. Finally, a great how to edit photos tip involves using the black point control–it darkens some parts without erasing the details in other areas. 

3. Look Sharp!

This tool works like a detail-enhancer. While you shouldn’t apply it blindly, some photos can benefit from sharpness since it makes the details pop. For instance, applying it on a photo of a baby’s face could make them look bruised and splotchy! 

4. Let’s Raise the Temperature–or not

When traveling, you may not be able to capture every scenic image during the golden hours–dawn and dusk. But that’s okay because that’s what the temperature sliders are for! Use them to add that missing tint. Part of figuring out how to edit photos like a professional is knowing if you need to warm up a picture–add reds, yellows, and oranges–or cool it down–throw in blues.

What will Help with Editing?

You’ll need the following tools to navigate your how to professionally edit photos journey more smoothly:

Photo Editing Programs, aka,  a Little Help from Your Friends

Editing programs are highly useful for people wanting to find out how to professionally edit photos. Each comes with a different set of advantages. 

For instance:

  • Some are one-time purchases, saving you money if you’re okay with learning how to edit photos in Photoshop or how to edit photos in Lightroom
  • Others take a monthly fee, like cloud software, but they will keep your photos up to date 
  • You can also get mobile versions of such software if you’re interested in finding out how to edit live photos or how to edit photos on iPhone to look professional
  • Free and open-source programs are also available besides these paid and advanced options.

DropEvent–to Import and Sort Photos

You may have so many ideas on what to do with your travel photos, which require figuring out things like how to edit photos to look like film and how to edit two photos together. But you won’t achieve much if you don’t sort and store the images properly! 

DropEvent can make your life easier by:

  • Letting you store your photos in an online gallery
  • Sorting them into different folders–based on site, time, day, etc.
  • Caption them for even better organization and easy retrieval
  • Share it with anyone via link or QR code
  • Set up slideshows for easier viewing and displays
  • Receive in-gallery instantaneous feedback, such as likes and comments 

Do all that and more by registering here.


If you know how to edit photos, you’ll be a step closer to preserving your most cherished memories. Whether you want to use those skills to transport yourself back to those beautiful moments, inspire wanderlust in others by evoking strong emotions, or express your creativity, that’s up to you! 


1. What is the importance of editing your photos?

Sure, you can use photo editing to fix mistakes, but you can also achieve so much more. It can also help you tell more interesting travel stories and inspire others! Start sorting out your travel photo bundle right away.

2. How can I improve my travel photos?

Take better pictures by learning as much as you can about your camera and composition. Plan shots during the golden or blue hours. Pay attention to framing and posing before you snap that shutter close. And if you can, bring a tripod on all family trips and solo travels.

3. What is the main purpose of editing?

Photo editing lets you present your point of view and vision to viewers, such as on your wedding. You wouldn’t want to publish a book or a blog without proofing either. Would you? That’s what photo editing does but for images.