The Art of Angles: How to Pose for Photos Like a Pro

Strike a pose, darlings! Want to know how to look good in photos? Follow our tips and then use DropEvent to share your wedding pics with the world.

The Art of Angles: How to Pose for Photos Like a Pro

We looooove weddings at DropEvent. The dresses, the prep, the photographs, the unprompted hugs and impromptu selfies…we love it all! When it comes to photos and preserving memories, you know we’re pros at it. 

But while DropEvent makes sharing photos with the fam so much more easier, we realize one thing: not all couples know how to look good in photos. And when the focus–wrongly–is on looking perfect in every picture, it can be downright nerve-wracking! As if the about-to-be-hitched couple already did not have enough on their plates. 

So, we thought we’d drop a tip or three on how to pose for photos like a pro. Follow those, and you’ll be spoiled for choice when trying to pick images perfectly encapsulating your beauty and joy:

Forget Why You’re There

Imagine the first time you lay eyes on your partner…both of you are dressed to join each other in marital bliss. How does it make you feel? You may find yourself reaching out to hug them, giving them a dangerously high wattage smile, straightening a bowtie, or just enveloping them in your arms. So, just keep thinking like that! 

The most frequent issue couples face when posing naturally is forgetting to act on their impulses. Don’t end a candid, very natural moment too soon. See it through to the end and ask your photographer to keep snapping while you do. 

How To Look Good In Photos? Lay Down Your Arms

Some couples may get how to pose in group picture, but wouldn’t know how to act naturally in solo or couple shots. For instance, where do the arms go? Do you press them against your body? How should the bride be holding a bouquet? The answer to both those questions is staying relaxed. Instead of standing rigidly or pressing your elbows into your body, adopt a pose by relaxing and elongating your arms. 

Treat it Like a Joke

It’s true candid photos let the essence of who you are as a couple shine through. But it’s also true that photographers work really hard to make gorgeous poses, like the two of you laughing together or gazing at each other tenderly, seem natural.

Our #1 tip on how to look good in photos is to turn the whole thing into a joke! Allow yourselves to be silly and let the laughter in. Squeeze a butt cheek–discreetly–whisper something dirty into your partner’s ear. Or do something you know will get you both laughing in seconds. 

Don’t Go into it with Your Eyes Wide Open!

Some people are notorious for blinking when getting their picture taken. And that’s completely okay. If you–or your partner–are the blinker, you can try to time your blink with the snapping of the shutter. That said, don’t fret if that fails. It wouldn’t take a professional photographer more than a second to shoot another frame. 

What you shouldn’t be doing, however, is trying to open your eyes wide in every shot. It’d only get them drier, increasing the chances of you blinking in the pictures-to-come!

How To Look Good In Photos? Don’t Kiss and Tell

Want your photographer to catch you two smooching? Go for it! Just keep it clean and don’t push each other’s noses. Love drama? Opt for a dip kiss with one–or both–of you popping up a heel for that fairytale romance look. Want to be smoochy but not over-the-top smoochy? Try forehead kisses or rubbing your noses. Those poses aren’t just cute, they are also very photogenic.

Tell Me more about DropEvent

Capturing the loveliest images and memorable photos begs the use of the right way to share them. Whether you want to keep them between just the two of you, share it with selected people, or poster everybody’s social media feed with them, we’d advise you to use DropEvent to do it.

Wondering why? Here are several reasons:

  • Your memories stay safe forever. DropEvent also lets you keep adding to your pile for 45 days.
  • Your guests can use a custom QR code to send the candid shots and endearing images they took on your wedding day. They can upload using any device and do that without being the tech experts some wedding sites expect their users to be!
  • You can set up galleries and events way ahead of the wedding. That means adding photos of the engagement ceremony or rehearsal dinners is easy and totes possible.

Find out how DropEvent works its magic here.


Even knowing how to look good in photos doesn’t necessarily mean you’d be great at posing for formal bridal photos! The dynamics of having your wedding portraits are slightly different than posing for Instagram pictures. So, just use our tips to get rid of those wedding photoshoot jitters. Act silly, laugh like you only laugh when it’s just the two of you, and most importantly, stay relaxed. And once you’re done being your beautiful selves and your photographer has quickly encapsulated those precious moments, use DropEvent to get them out into the world.  

Want more reasons for using DropEvent? There are so many!


1. What is the most flattering way to pose for pictures?

If you wish for photogenic photos, make sure you adopt the proper posture. By which we mean, standing up straight and relaxing enough to pull your shoulders back. Then, tuck in your chin, ensuring it’s not too high or low. And, finally, smile to let the world get a peek into genuine togetherness and happiness.

2. How can I smile better in photos?

We’ve already told you how important a proper posture is for good pictures. But we can add in a tip or two more to help you get that picture on your wedding. Firstly, smile but also do it with your eyes. Secondly, don’t let the photographer be your focus. Instead, look at the camera. And that’s how you smile better in photos!

3. How can I look good in pictures?

If you want to look good in pictures, we’d advise taking as many pictures and as often you can! The more practice you can get in, the more comfortable you’ll begin to feel under the camera’s gaze. Next, move around instead of standing rigidly. If you’re in a shot with someone else, try changing up your positions. Make it fun and use props. Most importantly, communicate what you want to your photographer. And finally, don’t let those masterpieces be at risk of getting lost, deleted, or remain un-shared. So, let DropEvent keep your pictures safe!