3 Creative Wedding Photo Ideas to Capture Every Moment

Stop bookmarking pages and cutting out tips from mags for wedding photo advice. Use these creative wedding photos ideas to capture each beautiful moment on your special day!

3 Creative Wedding Photo Ideas to Capture Every Moment

When it's your special day, you want everything to go exactly as planned. And if you intend to be able to look back at one of the most momentous occasions of your life, then that includes pictures. All of us want our wedding remembrances to be a perfect reflection of our partner and our love. We want them to be timeless. 

So, whether you hire a pro to capture your most cherished moment or intend for family and friends to take pictures, they need to reflect how unforgettable that day was to you. And that is what we're about today. With our creative wedding photography ideas, you'll be able to get yours to come out exactly the way you imagined them to be. 

1. Traditional Wedding Photo Ideas

This section is important for all those about-to-be newlyweds opting for a traditional ceremony. That said, even if you 're tying the knot in a style that's more you and less traditional, use these pointers to get the basics out of the way. 

Hand this list to whoever is in charge of the camera, and they can photograph:

  • You and your partner's progress up the aisle
  • Either partner's reaction when they see this future spouse 
  • You and your about-to-be significant other holding hands as you say the ceremonial vows 
  • Your reaction to each other's heartfelt words 
  • How both sets of parents, groomspeople, and bridespeople react as you make this lifelong commitment
  • The ring exchange
  • When you share your first couple kiss
  • Walking back down the aisle together

2. Wedding Photo Pose Ideas for When You Hate the Camera

With the must-be-taken pictures out of the way, we now move on to other crucial advice. Skip this part if you and your partner are camera hogs who live for the flash. 

However, if the wedding jitters are preventing you from posing like you were born to be photographed, then these tips will help you recenter:

Cindy here is a pro at posing for pictures. She knows she and Charming look good and her confidence has as much to do with the pictures coming out perfect as the photographer's expertise does. In other words, #belikecindy and…

Smile with Your Eyes

Sure, the looking away pose usually translates into great captures, but you should also take some camera-facing snaps. And when you do look at the lens:

  • Pick a point to focus–best to go with one that's at your eye-level
  • Relax your shoulders
  • Smile with your eyes–meaning, squint just a tad

These steps will ensure you don't have a deer-in-the-headlights look on your face when the wedding photos come back! 

Mind the Gap

Often, it's neither you nor your other beautiful half striking an awkward pose, but the space between you that ruins pictures. That's when a pro photographer will tell you two to squeeze in. So, what should you do? 

Simply remember to tighten the gap. You can also make the pose look more natural by holding each other's hands. An arm on the shoulder would have the same effect. 

Take It on the Chin

One common technique most celebs keep in mind while on the red carpet and being photographed is keeping their chin level. Too low or high can produce less flattering results, so mind your chin. 

For a softer look, you may want to tilt your face slightly in any direction. Don’t know if your right profile suits more or left? Practice in front of a mirror.

3. Wedding Photo Ideas for When You Hate the Wedding Photo Idea

If your big day is here, and you are all out of unique ideas for your wedding snaps, that’s okay. We all run out of imaginative juice–and you’re probably already thinking about a gazillion other things. So, before you start to sweat your makeup off, don’t! 

Instead, use our ideas to inspire unique wedding photos into existence:

Remove the Stress from the Wedding Equation

Why let the stress of striking the perfect wedding photo poses keep you from enjoying the biggest party you’ll probably ever throw? Whether you hire someone or have your guests take the photos on that day, limit them to candid and casual shots.

Remove the Photos from the Wedding Equation

Worrying about the right shot can make weddings a stressful time for couples. So, instead, skip all the drama and pack your wedding clothes - even if it’s just the veil and tie - with you for the honeymoon! You’ll be visiting many scenic places on the trip. So, why not dress up in your wedding attire and capture the moments at those interesting locations? This idea is perfect for couples who don’t take wedding photography as a must-have. It’s also ideal for those who prefer spontaneity over traditional and staged moments that we mostly see in wedding photos.


Use any of the creative wedding photography ideas–or all–we mentioned above to ensure the results reflect you and your partner’s style and personalities. We’d recommend experimenting and rehearsing before your special day for the best outcome. Try different colored lights, various lighting techniques, wedding photo props, and wedding photo angles until the results feel stunning and cherishable to you. 

On the other hand, if you’re hiring a pro for the big day, don’t forget to communicate your ideas to them in advance. But also leave yourself open to trying out new things that they suggest! 

And, don’t forget to ask your guests to send in the pictures they take because you may find unexpected gems! DropEvent makes collecting wedding photos from guests easy and simple–even the technophobes. Find out more about it here.


1. What to do with wedding photos ideas?

So, your photographer took dazzling pictures of you and your fam–new and old. You have also done the customary wedding photos share thing and shown them off. What else can you do with them? 

We have a few ideas in mind:

  • Use them to thank your guests for sharing your happy day
  • Print the cutest ones and use them to create a wedding album
  • Enlarge, frame, and hang up in your home
  • Make a playing card deck for you and your honey
  • Mix up different images to make a collage that’s all you and them

2. How can I be more photogenic for my wedding?

Start before your wedding day! Try out poses in front of the mirror, work on posture, and identify your favorite profile and smile. Use your engagement shoot as a rehearsal launchpad–if you’re having one. And if you’re not, set up hair and makeup trials and rehearse. Put our photo ideas to good use on the Big Day. And most importantly, don’t forget to have a great time!

3. What is the best way to share and collect wedding photos?

Collecting photos and sharing them is easy when done via DropEvent. Your contributors will only need a QR code to begin uploading. Bulk uploads make your life so much easier because it keeps you from hunting down every guest for pictures. We also recommend encouraging your guest photo-takers to do during-the-event uploads for a real-time look at the unfolding of your biggest day.