Planning an Elopement

How to not upset your family and friends.

Planning an Elopement

According to research by Pinterest, this year saw a rise in searches for elopement and destination weddings by 32%. These searches have included “elopements in forests” and “elopements in mountains” as two of the most popular search terms.

It really is a romantic and exciting idea.

However, If you’re arranging an elopement with an intimate wedding ceremony, but don’t want to upset anyone, you’ll want to tell your family you’re eloping. It is not uncommon for family and friends to feel slighted when a couple elopes. Any sourness stirred by an elopement is sure to ruin the experience.

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways that you can still make sure your family and friends feel included and happy. This includes sharing your wedding photos or even live-streaming your big day.

But those aren’t your only options. Today we’re going to discuss how to enjoy your elopement while sharing the joy of it with the ones you love the most.

Have an Engagement Party

If you are eloping, you may not be hosting a big wedding reception after your ceremony. You could however have an engagement party before you get married and get everyone together for food, music, and dancing. This way, everyone can still feel involved without having to host and plan a wedding.

If you’re throwing a budget engagement party, consider hosting a garden party, arranging a summer picnic in a national park, or even a casual party at your home. You can bring baskets of food rather than hiring caterers, or asking everyone to bring a dish for a potluck. No matter what you choose, an engagement party will bring everyone you care about together to celebrate your big day without the gravity of a wedding reception.

Use the party as an opportunity to get everyone excited about the plans that you have for your marriage, and share the details about your wedding ceremony. You could even have a practice wedding service at your engagement party so that everyone gets to witness your commitment to one another.

Video Stream Your Wedding

Although you might not have all of your friends and family at your wedding, you can still let them be part of it by livestreaming your wedding. A virtual elopement will allow you to have your intimate ceremony without excluding anyone.

Make it really special by sending all of your guests an official invite with streaming and log-in details for the day. You could even send out a “wedding box” to everyone, containing a miniature bottle of bubbly to pop open, some streamers, and other wedding theme trinkets to accompany stream details.

Plus, if you set up a social media page for your wedding, then all your virtual wedding guests can interact, leave comments, and post memories they have of you both. It’s an easy and digital way to make sure everyone is included even if they’re not present.

Share Your Photos

Group photo sharing is a wonderful way of bringing your loved ones together when you’re getting married. DropEvent offers several options to share photos of your special day. It gives everyone the easiest way to share unlimited photos to your wedding gallery. It only takes 1 minute and anyone can do it without any technical skills. In the process, you’ll build memories and reconcile your elopement with your loved ones.

You can also upload images from your big day without needing a special app. If you and your virtual guests want to view your photos or download them to create a photo book or wall collage, then they will only need one QR code or web link

Many couples choose to elope and have a personal and intimate wedding ceremony. If you choose to do this, you can still keep your family and friends happy by sharing photos and videos of your wedding, so that they can celebrate your joy.

Have a Wedding After Eloping

Let’s be honest, one of the biggest reasons people get upset over an elopement is because they didn’t get to attend a ceremony. Many family members, especially parents, dream of attending your wedding ceremony someday. 

One of the best ways to keep everyone happy about your elopement is to have another ceremony that everyone can attend. Many couples who elope do this. You may not be legally being married for the second time, but the atmosphere will be that of a traditional wedding. Plus, it’ll be romantic to share and reaffirm your vows with your loved one at a later date.

By having a wedding after eloping, you get all the benefits of a traditional wedding and still have your intimate elopement ceremony. All the while, you and your loved ones stay on good terms regarding your marriage. No one wants their death-to-us-part griped about at every Thanksgiving and Christmas for the rest of their lives.  

Bottom line, it’s your wedding. It’s a day and commitment you will cherish forever. Your elopement will form some of your fondest memories, and with these tricks, your family and friends will remember it fondly too.