Two people sharing pictures using a laptop.Girl using a laptop to share pictures.

One link.
Easy uploads.
Unlimited photos.

With DropEvent, you can collect, organize, and share photos with anyone. Friends, families, acquaintances, or a group of strangers.

No apps, no sign-ups, no limits. Upload as many photos as you want at their original quality.

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“I forgot my phone for my daughter's graduation"

So I spent most of the event begging other Dads who brought their fancy camera, and who I didn’t know, to send me their photos. #awkward!

Spoiler alert: I didn’t get a single one.

Some of them were going to post the pics on Facebook.

But we’re not ‘friends’ on Facebook.

Some of them are kind enough to post their pics on SmugMug. But I have to pay  to download the pics.

Some of them dropped their pics on Dropbox and Drive. But I have to create an account to download from those.

I still remember my daughter’s kindergarten graduation. But it would have been nice to relive the moments in a hi-res picture where I can actually see her face.

That weekend, I sat down at my office and created DropEvent. So you’ll never have to scramble after an event to find that great picture taken by your second cousin’s plus one.

DropEvent makes it easy to share photos from an event, without accounts or apps needed. Even if they’re taken by barely-acquaintances.

Jeremy Noonan
Founder, Dropevent

Jeremy Noonan
Two girls talking and sharing archievesTwo people sharing pictures using a laptop.

You can get started with DropEvent in minutes.
Even if tech’s not your thing.

No more asking strangers to send you files.
No more “friending” acquaintances on social media just to get a grainy picture.
No more joining an app you will only use once in your lifetime.

Effortless photo sharing.
Make it easy for your guests to share the pics they take.

No app, no sign-ups.

Just a link and an email address to notify your guests when their photos are uploaded.

Two people sharing pictures using a laptop.Girl sharing pictures and folders using a laptop

Unlimited hi-res storage.
Gather as many photos as you like at their original resolution.

Download all of your photos in a ZIP file.

Or connect your DropEvent gallery to Dropbox to automatically back up your pictures.

Share your most memorable moments with guests.
Create a live gallery so that anyone with a link can see and download photos of the event at its original quality.

Customize your gallery’s look and feel.

Or use collection-only mode if you don’t want anyone seeing your photos.

Three girls sharing documents and pcituresGirl holding a folder

Protect the gallery with a password and share photos from your event with only the people you choose.

Review photos before they go live on your gallery to stop embarrassing "Ooops!" moments before they happen.

With social media-free sharing everyone's privacy is protected.

Start collecting photos in 3 steps.


Create Your Gallery

You’re the only person who needs to register for an account.

Create a live gallery right away to start gathering photos.

Or you can pick a date to schedule your gallery for future events.

Boy using a laptop

Invite your uploaders

You don’t need to manually invite all of your guests by importing their email address.

Just send a personalized link to your gallery, or a dedicated email address, and you’re all set.

Better yet, print out a QR code. Guests can just snap and share, right from their devices.

Three girls sharing documents and pictures

Share your pictures

Guests can send unlimited photos to your gallery as long as it’s live.

Upload pictures and address through your DropEvent link or send the pictures as attachments to your dedicated email address.

Allow visitors to see and download their favorite photos without lifting a finger.

Two people sharing pictures using a laptop

If you can send an email,
you can upload to DropEvent.

DropEvent makes it easy to collect pictures from anyone. Perfect for:

Keeping pictures from loved ones in one place. Celebrations of life, weddings, and birthday parties.

Large-scale collection from strangers. Corporate events, trade shows, conferences, and networking events.

Photo submissions from participants. Photography contests, volunteering events, and community outings.

Share moments with loved ones who weren’t there. Vacations, summer camp, and school events.

Girl holding a folderBoy using a laptop

Take the pain out of gathering photos from your most cherished events.

With just one link, guests can easily upload (and download) photos from weddings, birthdays, or celebrations of life.


See unique perspectives from your participants.

Your participants don’t have to download an app, create an account, or “be friends” to share photos.

Collaborate on photo sharing for school activities, summer camp, volunteering, and many more opportunities with ease.


DropEvent has unlimited high resolution photo storage.

You can focus on your event — knowing that DropEvent will make it easy to capture the day.

1,000,000+ photos collected and counting

Here’s what people say after using DropEvent

Cori Williams

DropEvent is exactly what we were hoping for!  It has been easy for our summer camp teachers to all upload their photos into one central space that I can then share with our campers’ families.

Cori Williams
Camp Director
Stoney Creek Farm
Clayton Halliburton

We needed to compile family photos for 400+ teammates as a safety initiative at our plant. DropEvent made this simple and even allowed us to create individual links for our teammates to upload their photos to their corresponding department. We will be using DropEvent again in the future.

Clayton Halliburton
Melissa Baxter

“I searched high and low for a service that would minimize barriers of needing to create an account, download an app, and more.“After a tragic death, this was the best way to gather photo memories of our loved one. The platform made photo sharing seamless and will help the family grieve and honor the memories.“Every funeral home should be using your technology as a service to their families! Just wanted to share my gratitude. Thank you!”

Melissa Baxter
Terra Haddad

Drop event really has been amazing. We are able to share photos with our friends far and wide. We are able to live moments of the event through the lens of all our family and friends! It’s a beautiful way to share our photos!

Terra Haddad
Stephanie Hobson

"DropEvent was perfect for collecting photos from the wedding guests. I'm the "techy" friend and have set up photo sharing for several events over the years. DropEvent was the easiest, and best priced service I've ever used. Instead of looking for something new, next time I'm recommending DropEvent."

Stephanie Hobson
Joshua Madden

"I'm so glad we found DropEvent for our wedding! It was the perfect tool for crowdsourcing all the amazing photos that our guests took. The fact that guests didn't need to create an account to upload their photos (directly from their phones), and were able to see all the other uploads (our choice) made the experience seamless and enjoyable. We had so much fun watching the photos roll in after the big day, and our guests were really impressed too. Highly recommended!”

Joshua Madden