Collect, organize, and share photos with anyone

With DropEvent, you can collect, organize, and share photos with anyone. Friends, families, acquaintances, or a group of strangers.

No apps to download, no guest sign-ups, no limits. Upload as many photos as you want at their original quality.

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You can get started with DropEvent in minutes.
Even if tech’s not your thing.

No more awkwardly asking strangers to send you the pictures they took.
No more friending “who’s-her-name” on social media to get a blurry snapshot.
No more installing an app you’ll only use once in your lifetime.

Share your memories without bending over backwards

You’ll never need to sort through 112+ emails with massive attachments again. Photographers or guests can share the photos and videos they take through one link and an email address.

  • Upload online via a personalized link
  • Email photos to DropEvent and they’ll be automatically uploaded

BMW Riders of Oregon Annual Rally

Customize and control everything in your gallery‍

Customize everything about your gallery. Change the layout of your gallery, organize pictures with folders, and turn pictures into a live updating slideshow to enjoy the photos with your guests.

On a custom plan, customize the branding of a gallery to your logo, colors, and fonts.

Project Athena's Endurance Adventure in Sedona

Pay once, enjoy forever in 4K

Say goodbye to low-res pictures where you have to squint to recognize loved ones. Set your gallery up once, and you can download pictures from it it forever. Even after the 45-days collection window is over.

  • Store unlimited photos and videos at their original resolution
  • Unlimited downloads forever

Myrick Family Picnic 2022

Protect privacy with social-media-free sharing

Not everyone wants their photos shared on social media! Especially if someone captured an embarrassing “Oops” moment. Dropevent’s secure sharing means you can respect privacy, and have a trusted space to share photos.

  • Protect your gallery with a password
  • Review photos before they go live
  • Collection-mode means uploaders won't see photos

Project Athena's Endurance Adventure in Sedona

Start collecting memories in 3 steps.

Project Athena's Endurance Adventure in Sedona

1. Create Your Gallery

Only one person needs to register for an account. No apps to download or install.

Collect your photos straight away or set a start date so you can start collecting photos when you’re ready.

BMW Riders of Oregon Annual Rally

2. Invite your uploaders

Send the personalized link to your gallery, or it's dedicated email address, and you’re all set.

Better yet, print out the QR code. Guests can send unlimited photos to your gallery during the 45-day collection window.

Marinella's Wedding

3. Share your pictures

Upload pictures through your unique link or send them as attachments to your dedicated email address.

Allow visitors to see and download their favorite photos without lifting a finger.

If you can send an email,
you can upload to DropEvent.

DropEvent makes it easy to collect pictures from anyone. Perfect for:

Keeping pictures from loved ones in one place.
Celebrations of life, weddings, and birthday parties.
Large-scale collection from strangers.
Corporate events, trade shows, conferences, and networking events.
Photo submissions from participants.
Photography contests, volunteering events, and community outings.
Share moments with loved ones who weren’t there.
Vacations, summer camp, and school events.