Relive the joy of your wedding day through the eyes of your loved ones

Your cherished guests can easily upload photos so you don't miss a single, blissful moment of the celebration — no apps, passwords, or disposable cameras needed

Relive the joy of your wedding day through the eyes of your loved ones

For those touching moments when your photographer’s not around

Sure, your wedding photos turned out great. They’re the stunning, well-lit, polished and retouched portraits your photographer does so well. And what you hired them for. But the candid shots your loved ones took on their phones? They show the truth of the day, the power of your friends’ and family's love for you, and the happiness on your face in those unposed moments. Like that photo your mom took of your best friend giving you a pep talk before you walked down the aisle... Those heartwarming shots Uncle Dan got of your partner waltzing with your niece in her adorable flower girl getup... Those wild selfies your father-in-law took with your bridal party in front of the open bar...

See DropEvent in action
Relive the joy of your wedding day through the eyes of your loved ones

Imagine if you could actually focus on your wedding day.

Instead of going around explaining to your great-aunt Deborah how to install the photo-sharing app you use. Watch the photos roll in as you’re winding down after your big day. You get to relive the warm glow of your wedding day. This time from your guest’s perspective.

  • Effortless photo sharing. Make it easy for your guests to share the pics they take. No app, no sign-ups -- just a link and an email address to notify your guests when their photos are uploaded.
  • Share only the best photos. Vet the submitted photos before you put them in your gallery. That bridesmaid who took 30 out-of-focus images of the bartender she was crushing on? Just delete the photos or disable sharing. Easy.
  • Keep your high-resolution photos forever. Upload the photos at their original resolution. Store your high-resolution photos forever with a digital download of your images. You can see uploaded pictures in your archive after the event ends.
  • All your moments in one link. Share all of your photos through a custom web address for a low, one-time fee of $49 per gallery. Which you can use to upload and share photos for 45 days.

Start collecting photos in 3 steps.

  • Create your gallery. Register for an account in seconds and create a live gallery to start gathering photos. Preparing for an upcoming event? Put your gallery on pause and your gallery will go live on the day of the event.
  • Invite your uploaders. You’re the only one who needs an account. You don’t need to manually invite all of your guests by importing their email address either. Just send a personalized link to your gallery, or a dedicated email address, and you’re all set. Better yet, print out a QR code. Guests can just snap and share, right from their devices.
  • Share your pictures. As long as your gallery is live, guests can send unlimited photos to your gallery through your dedicated email address or link. They can view and download their favorite photos as soon as the photos are uploaded. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Relive the joy of your wedding day through the eyes of your loved ones

Maintain control over photos shared from your events

Unlimited uploads
Create collaborative albums
Upload without an account
Automatic slideshow creation
Original, hi-res image downloads
Easy to see photos in gallery
Review photos being uploaded
A boy sharing pictures using a laptop

How others use DropEvent

Wedding Planners.
Wow your clients with a beautiful gallery to collect memories of their big day. Impress guests and make it easy to collect pictures for those candid moments the photographers missed.


Funeral Home.
Make collecting memories for celebrations of life easy for friends and family.
Use your gallery to show a slideshow of collected pictures. Everyone can upload and see pictures through one link.

Corporate Events.
Whether you’re collecting pictures from colleagues, strangers, or participants. Anyone can upload pictures to your DropEvent gallery. Your admins have full control over uploaded pictures.

Corporate event

Every photo anyone uploads is secure, safe, and private

See our privacy policy for more information on how we protect students’ data.


You approve any photos added to your DropEvent gallery. No one can share anything inappropriate.You can also set a password for the gallery. Only people with your permission can view or download these photos.


See unique perspectives from your participants. Collaborative photo sharing for school activities, summer camp, volunteering, and many more opportunities.Your participants don’t have to download an app, create an account, or “be friends” to share photos.


Protect your student’s privacy by disabling photo downloads. Or turn on collection-only mode to disable the gallery altogether.

Designed exclusively to collect photos from the non-techy friend of the group.

Create your DropEvent account and get ready to witness the beauty of your wedding day through the eyes of your loved ones.

  • No apps, sign-ups, or downloads to upload photos-- all you need is an email address
  • No size or quantity limit, fill your gallery with high-resolution photos you can treasure forever
  • Customizable slideshows to highlight each special moment of your big day


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