Experience the joy of your wedding day through the eyes of your loved ones

Your cherished guests can easily upload photos so you don't miss a single, blissful moment of the celebration — no apps, passwords, or disposable cameras needed

From tears to hugs to champagne toasts, capture the beautiful story of your special day

Sometimes those candid shots taken by your loved ones as they celebrate you can be more meaningful than those stunning, well-lit, polished and retouched portraits your photographer does so well.

They show the truth of the day, the power of your friends’ and family's love for you, and the happiness on your face in those unposed moments.

Like that photo your mom took of your best friend giving you a pep talk before you walked down the aisle...

Those heartwarming shots Uncle Dan got of your partner waltzing with your niece in her adorable flower girl getup...

Those wild selfies your father-in-law took with your bridal party in front of the open bar...

wedding polaroids

A single account. No storage limits. No annoying app downloads. Ever.

Sure, you could buy a couple hundred disposable cameras (are those even a thing anymore?) or try to coordinate photo dump emails from 300 people.

You get to actually enjoy your memories instead of trying to figure out exactly how much space you need on Dropbox (not to mention how much that's going to cost.

And let’s not even get into how much time you’ll save without having to help great-aunt Deborah sign up for a random photo-sharing account or download an app so she can get those fabulous photos from her phone to you!

DropEvent makes it easy for your friends and family to upload the photos they want without worrying about storage limits, creating an account, or downloading an app.

Plus, you can pick just the best photos you want to share.

That bridesmaid who took 30 out-of-focus images of the bartender she was crushing on? Just delete the photos or disable sharing. Easy.

Effortless photo sharing

Collect and share memories of your special day on your special day with photo sharing that's easy for everyone. You get to bask in the warm glow of your wedding day over and over again as the photos come in!

Save memories and money

Share all of your photos through a custom web address or create a custom slideshow for a low, one-time fee.

Share — and discover — cherished memories

Share the best behind-the-scenes photos your guests are taking, creating a slideshow in just a few seconds.

Keep your high-resolution photos forever

Print or store your high-resolution photos forever with a digital download of your images and a flash drive sent to your home.

"The easiest way to collect photos from our special day"

"This has been the easiest way to collect photos from our special day without burdening our guests to download an app, sign up for accounts, etc. It also gives everyone time to decompress post-fiesta and upload at their leisure. A simple Google search turned into the best way to collect (and later download) all these special moments. Thanks, DropEvent!”

— Monica, DropEvent User

Did you know that the average wedding results in about 3,000 photos?

Instead of spending your entire honeymoon tracking down guests, DropEvent lets you effortlessly gather and share photos with a single link.

How does DropEvent Work?


Create your gallery

Get ready to collect and share your photos quickly and easily. Just one signup lets you gather photos from everyone.


Invite your guests

Your guests can start sharing photos to the gallery right away with just a link — no downloads, no apps, no passwords.


Gather your memories

Everyone uploads to a single shared gallery and you can control what photos are shared with your guests.

Get started with DropEvent today

Create your DropEvent account and get ready to witness the beauty of your wedding day through the eyes of your loved ones.

No apps or downloads

Easy sharing from anywhere — you just need an email address

Customizable slideshows to highlight each special moment of your big day

High-resolution photos you can treasure forever

Unlimited photo sharing

Add a flash drive with all your photos so you don’t lose a single memory