Even if we can't all be together, at least our photos can

Get Everyone's Photos of Your Wedding in One Place

Without making them sign up or download anything


Sure you squared away a good deal with a professional photographer for your wedding album, but what about all those awesome pics your friends and family took of your big day?

That one your mom snapped of your best friend giving you a timeout-style pep talk before you walked down the aisle

Those great shots Uncle Dan got of your partner waltzing with your niece, the flower girl?

(And don't forget the crazy selfies your father in law took with the bridesmaids in front of the open bar...)

These "behind the scenes" photos can easily be more meaningful than any well-lit, retouched portrait pic. They showcase what really went down on your big day - from tears to hugs to champagne cocktails - and are, quite literally, priceless.

Collecting them and sharing them with your nearest and dearest (so they can laugh and cry along with you) is definitely what needs doing.

Sounds easy enough. But actually GETTING all those photos in one place and then sharing them...?

(It's a nightmare!)

Why? Because until now, these were the only ways you could do it:

  1. Get ALL your friends to register for an account on a photo sharing site, thereby subjecting them to a load of potentially spammy emails... (for which they'll hate you forever, even if they're polite and don't say anything)
  2. Encourage everyone to download the latest version of an app which simultaneously spies on them while still taking f o r e v e r to receive uploaded photos...
  3. Spend hours calling and begging guests to send you their fave pics or drop by your office with a copy of everything on a USB (um, who exactly has time to do that?)
  4. Stay awake until 3 A.M. for a month trying (and failing) to organize hundreds of photos people sent you through WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, email...
  5. Send scores of emails to all your guests with copies of the best photos everyone sent you (except in the long list of names you forgot to CC the best man but did somehow accidentally CC your ex...)

Suddenly the whole happy-go-lucky photo collecting and sharing thing seems like some huge impossible task (about as big as your wedding itself).

Not anymore with DropEvent, the world's newest and easiest photo collecting and sharing site!

No registering for unwanted accounts. No annoying app downloads. Ever.

With just a single account (yours), your guests can find your photo collection and upload pics to it INSTANTLY.

At DropEvent, there's no storage limits. Everyone can upload as many (or few) photos as they like. And, you get to sit in the easy seat and simply organize the pics as they come flowing in.

Here's some more of the awesome perks you get with your DropEvent wedding account:

  • Pick the best photos only: no more clicking through thirty out-of-focus images of the barman, you can delete or disable for sharing the pics you don't want everyone to see
  • Choose who can access your photos: you're in charge here and you get to decide who has access to your images and who can download them
  • Determine your guests' level of access: not only can you keep your account private, but you can decide if you want your guests to be able to access and download full size images or just thumbnails
  • Easily create seamless slideshows: show off the best shots of the night with a quick and easy slideshow that looks like a professional did it
  • Allows guests to contact you: through the site, without you dropping an email address or phone number

And best of all, it's all so easy you can practically do it in your sleep (or even when you have a few spare minutes on your honeymoon).

How do I start?

Getting your DropEvent account set up is super easy. Just click on the "Sign Up" button and in just a few minutes, you can start collecting and sharing all the best pictures of your amazing wedding.

Start collecting photos today!

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