How to Preserve Your Wedding Memories with DropEvent’s Photo-Sharing Platform

Welcome to the DropEvent party! Here’s a detailed guide on how you can use it for event photo sharing–replete with our love for classic literature.

How to Preserve Your Wedding Memories with DropEvent’s Photo-Sharing Platform

A wedding day is one of the most momentous and life-changing events for all parties involved. That said, while it is a big deal for the to-be-married couple, it’s also pretty important for their families, friends, and loved ones. And, even though we may want to invite everyone to the joyous occasion, that’s not always practical or even possible–Great Aunt Ruthie Jane #Godblessher may not exist on the same plane we do! 

And that’s the other part of why many couples want to do a wedding photos share. It also brings us to our no-nonsense-self-promoting recommendation, i.e., DropEvent. It’s a platform built and meant for making sharing photos as easy and seamless as it should be. We understand you already have too much on your wedding plate. It’s why we provide you with a painless way to share and humblebrag in bulk.    

We can even give you 11 more reasons why DropEvent is the best event photo sharing option for your wedding remembrances! Or, we can show you how easy using it really is. Oooh, let’s do both!

How Event Photo Sharing Works on DropEvent

1. Arrive at the DropEvent Love Shack

You start by creating your own digital wedding photo album, aka Gallery by following these simple instructions: 

  • Sign up on DropEvent
  • Click the Create Your Own Event button
  • The next screen will ask you for a title and description of the event. Fill those in.‍
  • While this is a private event photo sharing site, you may still want to vet the pictures before others can see them. So, select the best-for-you option before hitting Create. 

View the option range and customization degree available to you by visiting the Dashboard. It should show you this screen:


2. Make Yourself at Home

  • To make it easy to invite other wedding photo upload contributors, click on Edit Tag and get to work. The tag will show up as part of the email and link invites. So, we’d advise using something that’s easy to recognize and remember.
  • Next, click on Set Event Photo and pick the image you want to personalize your event further and help viewers you’d share wedding photos with to recognize your album.

3. Send Invites to Your Event Photo Sharing App

DropEvent isn’t good at just helping you share the pictures you receive from your wedding photographer. You can also use it for collecting wedding photos from guests. But you’ll need to invite them before that can happen:

  • Go back to the Dashboard and click on the Invite Others button.  
  • Your next screen will display multiple ways of how to share wedding photos with guests, so you can begin event photo sharing with QR code or by sending a link to contributors. Or, they can send in their photos via an email address. If all of these seem too impersonal, you can also produce a printable invitation and go with that! 
  • Couples who cannot wait until the wedding photographer sends in the images can prompt guests to indulge in some real time event photo sharing. Get the guests-upload-wedding-photos ball rolling when you announce it at the ceremony.

4. Start Moving the Furniture 

DropEvent lets you customize event photo sharing in tons of ways. For instance, you can group images into folders, create several different such folders, and move your stuff around between them.

To begin, go to Event Settings from your Dashboard. You’ll see various tabs over there. Play with them to get your gallery into order.  


Besides modifying the title and description, this tab lets you choose how you want your stuff displayed, such as in a grid, with featured photos, or the popular Pinterest-esque waterfall. 

You can also:

  • Pick the order you want them displayed in
  • Decide whether you want captions as file names
  • Prevent larger files from showing up for downloading
  • Sort a folder’s pictures based on who uploads them

And so on. 


This tab lets you decide how people interact with your wedding photos. So, likes, comments, and social media options are all a part of it.


From allowing people to view/download the other images you have in your gallery to confirmation emails after uploads, and masking your email, this baby has everything on offer. So, set up your gallery behind a privacy level of your own devising.


This tab helps you set up slideshows, using the images you already have in your gallery. 

You can also choose:

  • The duration of gaps between each slide
  • Size of photos
  • If you want to display the captions

But there are even more customizations you can make, like setting up music to play during slideshows–are you squeeing yet? 

5. Touch up Your Makeup

Whether it’s moving images and videos between folders, changing captions, or deleting duplicates, DropEvent lets you do it all.

6. Welcome the Guests to Your Event Photo Sharing Party!

Finally, now that everything’s set up, your gallery is ready for viewing. You may send a link to get your loved ones there. Or, you can download a zip file and send them that. Your contributors can also download high res files individually and directly from your gallery. In the meantime, DropEvent will be your wedding photo backup. 


Of course, there are many other ways of event photo sharing. But few offer the kind of detailed customization DropEvent does! Go here to learn more.

P.S. If the aisle is not your style and you’re thinking of eloping, follow these steps to pull it off. 


1. What can you say when posting wedding photos?

You can add captions under each photo on DropEvent. They can be sweet and awww-inducing or sassy–totally depends on who you are as a couple. Find a mixed bowl of captions listed below:

  • You turn my crappy into happy!
  • Before you, I didn’t believe in love at first sight.
  • And they did!
  • The cutest newlyweds in town.
  • To infinity and Beyoncé: our love will never run out of Formation 

2. Which photos should be in your wedding album?

You’d miss not having these moments captured and included in your DropEvent wedding album:

  • Wedding prep
  • First look
  • Ceremony
  • Group photos with both sides of the family
  • Newlywed solo and couple portraits
  • Toasts
  • Reception

3. What is a “wedding first look”?

While mostly planned out, this photo’s theme is how the bride and groom react to seeing each other right before getting married. A professional photographer will put in a lot of planning about location, poses, and angles while setting up a first look.