Why DropEvent Is the Best Photosharing Platform in 2024

Let us show you why we claim the throne! DropEvent is the best photo-sharing platform in 2024. Find out how its unparalleled features redefine collaborative sharing for an unmatched user experience.

Why DropEvent Is the Best Photosharing Platform in 2024

If there’s anything we love, it’s instant gratification! That’s how we want our food, correspondence, and entertainment. Then why should photosharing and interconnectedness be any different? It’s why most people are always on the lookout for the next best photo sharing site.

Photosharing tools are the digital paintbrushes we love to color our lives with. They aren’t just for selfies and sunsets anymore. They help us build communities and express ourselves creatively.

But every photosharing app doesn’t live up to its tall claims. Does DropEvent? Let’s see!

What is DropEvent?

For us, DropEvent is reinventing group photo sharing. It’s a gamechanger in many ways, including:

  • No accounts, no apps - Photosharing via a dedicated link or email for instant, hassle-free photo uploads.
  • Controlled, effortless collection - Puts the user in control of everything with ease, including who contributes or views what’s in the gallery.
  • Focus shift to memories - Reduces the undue strain of social media likes and prioritizes sharing of genuine moments and experiences.
  • Unlimited uploads, everlasting storage - Keeps all your uploads in their original form with no storage limits.
  • Personalized storytelling - Turns your events into digital memoirs via chronological arrangement, captions, and slideshows.
  • Simple, private, inclusive - Tailored to suit any occasion, user, and photosharing purpose, i.e., it’s user-friendly, secure, and accessible to all.

Want to know what makes DropEvent one of the best photo sharing websites out there? Keep reading!


  • We make yet another tall claim: DropEvent is the best.
  • We prove it!
  • We’ve piqued your curiosity.
  • You decide to keep reading.
  • Color me DropEvent, you say, they’ve convinced me!

Key Features of DropEvent

Want to use Dropevent but don’t want to throw in your lot with us until you know absolutely everything about it? You should. In fact, we’ll even help you by introducing you to its best features:

Feature #1: Easy Photo Collection

Streamline memories effortlessly without having to dive deep into chaotic group chats. Want that photo of grandma that your cousin has? Need a picture from X’s wedding that has all the three generations of your family in it? Who might have it? And more importantly, how do you get the photos?

Simple. You use the best photo sharing website—DropEvent’s a magic portal where you can get everyone from the family to contribute securely.

Additionally, it doesn’t require you to download anything or have others log in before they can contribute. In fact, they don’t even have to be a DropEvent user the way you are to upload media to your album on the website. As soon as you send them a shareable link or QR code for said album, the sharing can begin!

Besides those two methods, you can also take the no-fuss email address route for photo collection. DropEvent lets you create dedicated email addresses for every event. That email will take them directly to the album you’ve specified. No downloads or DropEvent account creation needed.

Of course, we want you to get the whole family signed up for DropEvent. But they don’t have to do it just because they want to share one photo one time.

Straightforward and accessible, that’s us.

Now, that you have become interested, let’s review some other very useful features of this platform:

1. Uploads—Instant, In Bulk, & In Real-time

The very best photo sharing platform cough DropEvent cough allows for more than easy uploads. Ours ensures any uploads will instantly show up in your albums. That’s the instant part of this equation.

You—and your contributors—can also enjoy the convenience of real-time photo uploads. In other words, you can add photos to the shared gallery as soon as they are captured. They can also be uploaded in bulk, ensuring that the joyous moments are shared promptly and en masse.

2. Privacy—the Main Focus

Don’t want your grandpa to find their way to your honeymoon album with um, risque photos of you and your honey? The unique email or QR code you create will only lead them to a specific album. Anything you don’t want seen, doesn’t get seen.

DropEvent's privacy features allow you to control who can access the gallery. Maintain privacy while ensuring a smooth and easy photo collection experience for everyone involved.

3. Collaboration—Streamlined & Encouraged

Dropevent invites group collaboration. By eliminating the need for accounts, the platform encourages effortless sharing among participants, making it ideal for events where multiple contributors are involved.

Perfect for marketing professionals covering different parts of an event or for capturing diverse event perspectives. Imagine a product launch. It will require at least the following experts to collaborate:

  • Photographer for product close-ups
  • Videographer for capturing reactions
  • Social media team for grabbing candid testimonials

Instant and in-bulk content uploads from all those sources will go to a shared DropEvent gallery. With a central hub like that, no one has to be chased down for specific shots, wait for emails, sort through various emails to download crucial content, and so on.

Seamless collaboration with DropEvent ensures every angle of the event is captured, readily available, and safely stored for marketing magic—now or later.

4. Unlimited—Guest Contributions & Photos

Have a loved one who doesn’t stop snapping photos from the moment they step inside? Or does a relative end up with 12 photos of someone’s elbow? Do they all insist on sharing all their photographed marvels with others?

No need to worry about guest limits or storage caps. DropEvent welcomes everyone and stores every photo in its original, full-resolution glory, letting the memories flow freely without constraint.

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Feature #2: Taming Photo Chaos with Album Creation and Bringing Memories to Life with Slideshow Creation

Album Creation

DropEvent ensures your days of scrolling through endless photo streams are over.

Why should you spend time desperately searching for that one perfect picture from your cousin's birthday? Or sift through folders because they all have generic names like Pictures 2024 or cryptic ones like IMG_0001? The platform helpfully organizes your galleries by allowing you to group similar photos.  

That said, if you don’t like it, feel free to sort out your media in a way that actually makes sense to you. Want Aunt Margaret's infamous dance routine where you can easily get to it? Make a separate folder for it!

You can organize photos and videos in your DropEvent gallery based on:

  • Event names - Give clear and specific titles to your galleries related to the events they feature. For instance, X’s Graduation or San Diego Comic Con 2024. That way, you won’t have to resort to squinting at blurry thumbnails.
  • Chronology - If you sort photos by dates, you can relive the events in perfect sequence. For example, if it’s a wedding, start with engagement, bachelor/ette parties, and keep going.
  • Type - Have a lot of hobbies or interests? Do you love to cook and maintain a BookTok account? Then you could divide your media into two different galleries. Give them self-explanatory names, like BookTok Inspo and Ratatouille Royale. This way, you can easily retrieve the content you require to highlight the individual aspects of your life.

Psst if you have yet to watch Ratatouille, DO IT!!

Slideshow Creation

DropEvent’s powerful slideshow feature helps you create magic. Use it to breathe life into your most treasured memories.

And since you’d have already taken advantage of our organization tips above, setting up one to showcase favorite captures should be a breeze—full details here.

Here are some unique things you can do with slideshows:

  1. Use them to trace who’s related to whom and how—like a video for a family tree album
  2. Relive weddings and other family events from start to finish
  3. Build themed montages around a loved one or a group
  4. Provide the perfect soundtracks to complement your memories—sentimental, foot-stomping, etc.
  5. Weave pictures into narratives and stories—add captions, anecdotes, and inside jokes
  6. Share—bring everyone closer and spread the joy

Feature #3: QR Code Sharing

This is an Easter egg. Scan this to see where it leads you!

DropEvent's QR code innovation is useful in three ways.

Firstly, it removes the need to use cumbersome links for sharing photos. This revolutionary feature makes the whole process seamless. The unique code only leads to the gallery folder you want seen. This saves you the hassle from having to move pictures to the correct folders later on. Hey, we’ve all got people who will empty their phone galleries into your DropEvent folder. This way, you can get a handle on where they send the photos you asked for.

Secondly, privacy is paramount to us, which is why your QR code will only be linked to secure galleries. Only the people you invite can use them to access your personal memories. Your QR code may be traveling the world via the internet, but your personal photos won’t be!

Thirdly, since we are the best photo sharing platform, we love figuring out new ways for you to get the maximum use out of DropEvent. And the QR code-based sharing is a marketing goldmine. Consider altering the run-o-the-mill code to a customized one. If it’s for a wedding, match the colors of the theme. If it’s for a corporate event, stud it with company’s colors and logo. Get your event talked about without having to talk about it!

Besides adding a personal touch for marketing brilliance, you can also turn the QR codes into extensions of your brand. You can print them out and add them to party posters, wedding invitations, name badges, etc. Like mini billboards, they’ll display your message to guests for a scan-n-share.

In short, all you—and your contributors—need to do to share is scan the code. Find all about private photo sharing with QR codes here.

Use Cases for DropEvent

It’s super delightful for us to see the myriad of ways people use DropEvent. So, we decided to hit you over the head with share some of the best use cases with you:

For Celebrations

Last spring, a wedding faced the challenge of collecting Insta-worthy shots without inconveniencing guests. Enter DropEvent, which made it possible to:

  • Have guests scan QR codes at their tables to send pictures.
  • Run an ongoing slideshow featuring close to 200 freshly sent-in photos.

Read all about group photo sharing at weddings.

For Vacations

Subject: A week-long vacation

Challenge: sharing memories without a common platform

Solution: DropEvent sparked easy group-wide participation that ended in 500 photos being shared and sorted into folders based on the different locations they visited.

Read all about Melonie’s tour group vacay.

For Corporate Use

Talk about Corporate Scavenger Hunting with DropEvent

Subject: Corporate scavenger hunts

Challenges: unreliable, non-user-friendly digital platform and failed tracking via social media attempts

DropEvent changed the game with:

  • Customizable email addresses for streamlined and private photo submissions
  • Instant upload and automated sorting by sender for simplified tracking
  • Real-time slideshows of moderated images

Read all about Geoff’s corporate success!

For Educational Institutions

A youth summer camp—460 people strong—wanted a clean and no-hassle way for photo collection.

DropEvent streamlined the process through:

  • Effortless collection minus the post-summer chase of over 3000 pictures.
  • A curated slideshow made from those same photos and sent them as a post-camp gift.

Read all about Matthew’s summer camp siesta!

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Advantages of Using DropEvent

You may be thinking we keep calling DropEvent the best photo sharing platform without telling you what makes it so different from the dozens of other similar tools out there. But that’s okay, because here’s what you need to know about DropEvent, and how it:

1. Preserves Original Image Quality

Tired of pixelated regrets and blurry nostalgia? Let DropEvent safeguard your memories at their finest. Every photo remains in its original, full-blown glory. That way, you can relive every detail, including how white Cousin Tess’s dress was at your wedding, which she claimed was off-white. DropEvent promises no downscaling; only sharp, timeless, and forever yours memories.

2. Offers Unlimited Storage Capacity

No more storage woes; enjoy newfound photo freedom when DropEvent throws open its vault to provide you with unlimited space. You won’t ever have to delete older cherished memories to make space for new ones. With DropEvent, you can rest easy, knowing that your entire memory album has a forever home.

3. Conquers Security Features

Worried about unwanted photo wanderers? Think of DropEvent as a fortress with password-protected galleries. Only invited guests get to cast their eyes on your precious moments. There are also other controls, such as preventing downloads, comments, and limited access to specific folders. So relax and share with confidence within your chosen circle.

What’s more, we also provide backup on Dropbox for photo sharing. That means you don’t have to crowd your device with copies since your memories won’t be going anywhere.

4. Requires No Commitment to Use the Best Photo Sharing Platform

How many apps have you downloaded before an event in the hopes of finding the one? Ditch the app fatigue right now because DropEvent welcomes everyone.

Whether tech-savvy or not, those balking from having to download yet another app or creating more accounts—all are welcome.

While we’d love it if you recommend us to your loved ones, they can still view your media without login woes and installation hassles. Just a simple link or scannable QR code ensures all your people can join in on the fun.

Unsure how we measure up against the giants of the photosharing industry? Check out Family Album Vs DropEvent!

Pricing Structure

We don’t place a limit on available storage the way FamilyAlbum does, reduce picture quality like Google Photos, have hidden charges the way Apple Photos does, bombard you with ads like PhotoCircle, or present you fuzzy pricing plans!

Our pricing structure is very clear and three-tiered:

  • A Photos Only tier that stores lots of pictures with limited downloading.
  • Another Photos + Videos subscription that allows for loads of video storage.
  • And an Event Pros category with additional space for even more videos, more downloads, auto-event archiving, and multiple galleries.

Regardless of the plan you pick, you’ll still get:

  • Uncompressed hi-quality photos
  • Dropbox back up
  • Complete control over who will access, edit, or upload
  • Direct gallery to social media sharing

And you know what else? We also don’t force our users to change their pricing tier or lose their treasured memories cough Photobucket cough!

How the Best Photo Sharing Platform, aka, DropEvent Works

Are you curious about how DropEvent does what it does? Let us show you how simple it is to use:

  1. Ready your gallery: In other words, create a dedicated space where your event's memories will go.
  2. Invite everybody: Now that your collecting window’s open, you can invite your people and spread the sharing magic. However, forget email lists and manual invites. Do it with the ease of sharing a link, using a unique email address, or even sending off a handy QR code. A single click or scan and your guests will be in.
  3. Relive and reminisce: Once the memories start to flow, laughter and joy will follow. Whether your guests snap live from the event or root through their own albums to upload, your DropEvent gallery will soon be overflowing with photos through the link or dedicated email.

Using DropEvent is effortless, whether due to the simplicity of how to upload, the speed of said upload, or the ease of passing the shared memories farther along. Once captured, everyone you allow can browse, download, and relive the joy as often as they please.

Pro Tips on How to Leverage DE

So, now that you’ve almost come over to the DropEvent side, we have one last thing to share with you, i.e., how to maximize your user experience with it:

1. Customize Your Galleries

Keep chaos to a minimum by creating separate galleries for different events and occasions. It’ll also make for easy retrieval later on.

2. Personalize Your QR Codes

If you have the option to make this bit of code your own, why wouldn’t you? Customize by adding logos and colors. Turn them into both artwork and extensions of your brand or event!

3. Upload Effortlessly

Take advantage of the best photo sharing platform and all its easy sharing features by trying them all out. Send out QR codes to do your bidding in one case and then switch to shareable links for another. In short, make sharing and collabs hassle-free and quick for you and your participants.

4. Engage Everyone

Enhance the photosharing experience by setting up slideshows—whether in real-time or later. Do it during events, and let your audience/contributors to instantly view what they’ve just uploaded.

Encourage even more engagement by letting loved ones or viewers know they can comment on their favorite photos and videos. It’s likely to spark some lively and fun conversations!

5. Death Grip Your Privacy

Utilize DropEvent's privacy features, including customizable email addresses and secure galleries, to control who can access and contribute to your galleries. This will ensure a controlled environment while the photo-sharing activity continues.

Have an upcoming event or taking on a photos-based project? Take DropEvent for a spin!


1. Is DropEvent safe?

Yes, DropEvent is safe and the best photo sharing app for families since it lets you set the privacy levels of your galleries and allows you to set up password protection before someone can access your media.

2. What is the website where people can upload photos?

People can upload photos effortlessly, in real-time, and in bulk on DropEvent. They can do so via QR codes, emails, and links.

3. What is the easiest photo sharing site?

DropEvent is the easiest photo sharing site since it lets even non-users view media, provided they have an invitation from the gallery’s owner.

4. Where is the best place to upload event photos?

DropEvent is the best place to upload event photos since it allows bulk and real-time uploading from both users and non-users—as long as a user invites them.

5. How do I collect photos from an event?

You can collect photos from an event on DropEvent in three simple steps:

  1. Creating a gallery
  2. Inviting others to view via email, link, or QR code
  3. Inviting others to add their own pictures and videos via email, link, or QR code