11 Reasons to Use DropEvent for Your Wedding Photo Sharing

Wedding photo sharing can immortalize the Big Day so you can relive it whenever you want. Here’s why you should do that with DropEvent.

11 Reasons to Use DropEvent for Your Wedding Photo Sharing

For any couple, their big day is full of special moments. And sure those memories and wedding remembrances are forever imprinted on your brains. But sometimes, only the thought doesn’t count! You may want to confirm things like:

  • Were you really looking that radiant? 
  • Did your bridesmaids take care of every small detail to make the day more perfect-for-you? 
  • Was Uncle Blake in fact so sloshed he kept asking for the check as if he were at a restaurant? 
  • Did your cousin indeed show up wearing two different socks? 

Knowing all that happened is one thing. But having photographic proof to blackmail er relive those precious moments over and over again is another. And that’s why you need to decide on a dependable and secure wedding photo sharing option before walking down the aisle! And while you’ll find many ways of doing that, it’s best to leave the job to the pro, i.e., DropEvent. 

Why is DropEvent the ideal photo sharing choice? This blog will tell you exactly that. And since it’s wedding season, we thought we’d treat you to some of the most passionate speeches by our favorite literary couples:

Knightley's words to Emma...oof, why is it so hot in here all of a sudden?

Why Use DropEvent Wedding Photo Sharing

That’s because DropEvent:

1. Ensures You Won’t Miss a Thing

Many couples hire photographers to ensure the pro will capture every big, vital moment. But what about the ones that aren’t as showy but equally important? 

  • Unexpectedly touching exchanges
  • Pictures taken from alternate angles, 
  • In-the-moment hugs
  • Not-as-posed selfies
  • Tears of joy

These are all gifts you’d probably only get to enjoy through the candid photos your guests take during the ceremony. So, if you don’t wanna miss out seeing those intimate and emotional snapshots, think about collecting wedding photos from guests. 

DropEvent’s perfect for such contributions. Because unlike many other wedding photo sharing websites, it doesn’t come with a limit on storage space. You can ask your loved ones to keep taking pictures and upload them to your Event Gallery. And figuring out how to get wedding photos from guests is easy because all they’ll need is a QR code to get started!

*fans self*

2. Lets You Decide 

DropEvent lets you have complete control over who sees your wedding memories and which ones! If you’re worried someone will upload photos you don’t want shared, you can review them before they show up in your gallery. But if you want everyone to just upload wedding photos to one site, just pick the option that lets contributors add them right away.

3. Allows Loved Ones to Find You

Once you’ve created an Event, you’ll need to update your tag. That’s because the tag will help people locate your DropEvent Gallery and start the wedding photo upload. It’ll also be a part of the link and email address to your Event. We’d recommend using tags that are easily remembered. For instance, you can use the couple’s names and wedding date, family names, etc.

4. Makes Customization Easy

You can customize everything about your Event before you share wedding photos. For instance, you can set a photo-of-your-choice as the Event image. This level of customization has an added advantage–it makes it easier for your loved ones to recognize your gallery.

5. Lets You Plan Ahead

If you’ll be taking our advice and asking for the pictures they take, factor in how you’ll be collecting wedding photos from guests. Use the Event Tag to create a printable and add it to every table at your wedding. That way, the guests can get all the necessary deets, such as email, QR, and link to your gallery. As an added measure, announce this during the ceremony, so your guests upload wedding photos–whether live or later on.

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6. Keeps Things Organized 

Some weddings pack weeks’ worth of festivities and events–you’re easily looking at a two-weeks-long wedding palooza if either side is Southeast Asian-American. And we’re all for it! 

But that can make wedding photo sharing uploads a tad messy. Dumping all images and videos in one folder can mean swifter uploads for the moment. However, that will change when you have to spend hours sorting them out. 

An ideal solution would be to create several folders–like an album per event you’ve planned. So, when your guests access your Event Gallery, they’d be able to see all the folders and upload the right photos into each.

You may want to organize folders for different events, including:

  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Getting Ready
  • Wedding 
  • Reception
  • After-Party
  • Post-Wedding Lunch/Brunch/Dinner/Party

You can also choose to preserve the entire journey as each event happens. In that case, you’d also create folders for:

  • Engagement party
  • Bridal showers
  • Bachelor/ette Parties

7. Gives You the Chance to Reorganize

Think some photos got into the wrong folder? Select and move them to the correct address. Have duplicates in a folder? Delete those to bring order to wedding photo sharing chaos!

8. Redefines Each Moment

Caption each image and video as you upload them–and even after. You can go with lovely phrases that make everyone go awwwww when they read those. Or, you can choose to add ones that’ll have your family roaring with laughter. It’s you and your sweetie who decide how you reframe your wedding pictures.

9. Brings the Family Together

When couples begin sharing wedding photos online, they expect their loved ones and friends to not just view them. They’d also love it if viewers leave comments, like good wishes, appreciative remarks, and blessings. Or, interact and engage by liking the pictures. And so on. It’s a feature missing from most wedding websites and online photo sharing apps.

Not DropEvent, though. Your fam can express their love and bestow their blessings on your nuptials on the photos within your Event folders! 

10. Creates Slideshows for Even Post-Wedding Fun

Coming down from the wedding high can make you long for the time spent in your family’s embrace. But there may be a DropEvent cure for wedding sickness.

Once you have all the photos right where you want them, you can set up slideshows. Now, whether you turn the viewing into a kind of mini family event or not, is your choice.  

11. Is the Wedding Photo Sharing Gift that Keeps on Giving

A great thing about secure photo storage is it ensures your memories remain safe. But it also makes repurposing wedding photos that much easier. After all, those make adorable gifts when framed and sent with hand-written thank-you notes. Or, you may want to pick favorites and simply download, blow up, and display them in your home. Finally, you can also use them as anniversary gifts and wedding memories ideas.

If you’re thinking, that’s all very good, but how do I actually go about using DropEvent, we’ve got that covered. Walk down the aisle with DropEvent!

Ah, dear ol' Cathy. Insane & vicious, but had such a way with words!

These were just some of DropEvent’s great features. Want to know more?


Whether you want to collect wedding photos from guests who attended your knot-tying festivities or share your joy with the loved ones who couldn’t make it, there are so many reasons for doing it with DropEvent. 

Worried about looking your best in the wedding photos? Use these tips!


1. What's the best way to get images for wedding photo sharing?

If you don’t want to miss any moment of your big day, you can:

  • Ask guests to take candids with phones or provide disposable/instant cameras
  • Have them participate in wedding photo sharing and upload via DropEvent
  • Create a hashtag for social media they can use when posting on Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Hire a professional wedding photographer

2. How do I create a wedding hashtag?

Creating a wedding hashtag is simple. Follow these steps:

  • Combine yours and your sweetie’s names to see if that creates a unique wedding hashtag
  • Don’t include hard-to-spell words in your hashtag
  • Give several options to family and friends so they can choose the best one 
  • Keep the first letter of each word in upper case
  • Check the availability of your hashtag
  • Use it when you post wedding photos

3. What is a wedding slogan?

You can use wedding taglines and slogans as a part of your social media posts or captions of your wedding photos. Some examples include:

  • Love is the beginning of forever
  • Two hearts, one journey
  • Together, we are unstoppable
  • Two souls, one love story
  • The best is yet to come