The Benefits of Using a Family Photo-Sharing App for Vacation Photos

Unleash your vacation photo superpowers with an incredible family photo-sharing app! Make memories even as you defeat caped supervillains together as a family!

The Benefits of Using a Family Photo-Sharing App for Vacation Photos

We’re sure when you’re doing the impossible, i.e., planning for a family vacation, photos are the last thing on your mind. At that point, it’s all about not forgetting to pack the sunscreen and how much peppermint candy to carry for on-the-go nausea relief. 

That said, being able to revisit the memories you make on such a trip has its own importance. And that’s just the tip of the vacation photo-sharing iceberg. 

Below we discuss how you can simplify memory-making and photograph-taking by using our family photo-sharing app, i,e., DropEvent

Connect & Reconnect

Your face when Aunt Edna tells the same story for the sixteenth time.

The biggest reason most people will share family photos is to reconnect with their loved ones. Some of your family members may now live far away from you. Others live relatively close by, but might not visit as often. Reforge and strengthen such familial bonds through photo sharing.

Don’t know how to add photo to family sharing account ? Need to know how to create family folder sharing photo library on DropEvent? Find all the answers here!

P.S. Your invitees can also download their favorites for keepsakes or to use as gifts later on.

Private & Personal

DropEvent's a family photo-sharing app, which means it puts family first and sharing later!

Want to show off vacation photos to your nearest and dearest, but don’t want to plaster it all over your social media? That’s totally doable with DropEvent! 

Don’t feel like letting Facebook record your tot’s facial points for posterity? But still want their grandparents to dote on them digitally? Take full advantage of DropEvent’s private photo sharing features.

Does just thinking of investing a whole lot of time learning how to set up a private photo sharing site for family make you feel exhausted? Then, we’d suggest handing out your DropEvent gallery QR code to only your handful of loved ones. 

With your QR code in grasp, your selected group of invitees:

  • Can view the picture in your gallery’s folders
  • Will also discover how to share a photo in family sharing folder to add more

All that while you maintain your privacy, keeping your fam in the loop.

Accessibility & Availability

DropEvent--the grandparent-friendly photo-sharing app.

Our family photo-sharing app has another key advantage over other methods, such as email. It will work on any device, including laptops and most phones. 

In addition, none of your viewers need to have a DropEvent account of their own, email, or even a social media account, to access the photos you share. 

What’s more, you can set up slideshows of pictures in your gallery. Pick which folders should be a part of the slideshow and control who sees it or can add to it. Read through our guide on how to turn off photo sharing on family sharing to find out how.

Cheap & Cozy

Families that speedboat together...

Say you’re celebrating your kid's first birthday and not all family members will make it to the party. So, how do you ensure your loved ones are a part of your baby’s first celebration? Large photo and video files will take time if you send them via email. Snail mail is too slow and expensive to boot. Use our family photo-sharing app to create an online album, that’s how. 

And once the pictures are up, they’ll stay there for close to two months so your relatives can go oooh and awwww over them. And even after that, DropEvent safely emails all your precious moments to you.

Creativity & Comments 

Nothing like your family cheering you on to win second place.

We’ve already mentioned how photography–and shared experiences–can even strangers together. Now, let’s talk about aspiring and budding photographers. Most of them will purchase a photo sharing website to display their amateur work. It garners them attention from admirers, comments from followers, and feedback from those more experienced. 

Want to join their ranks? Then we suggest you do the same but with DropEvent. Receive instant feedback as you engage with other more experienced photographers. Get better at the craft and keep uploading until you find your own unique style.  

Memorials & Memories

Who wouldn't want to immortalize this memory?

You gain yet another advantage when you use our photo sharing website. You take the first step towards preservation of your favorite memories. DropEvent emails your pictures to you after the exhaustion of the allotted time. But, unlike physical photo albums, those digital photos will never fade. You won’t lose them when you change houses, either. Access them whenever you feel like reliving those precious moments and keep doing so for years to come!

Experiences & Extras

Nothing beats watching a supervillain's rocket take off as a family.

Add an extra way of having family fun by adopting photography as a hobby. The more pictures you upload on DropEvent’s family photo-sharing app, the more spectacular results will be up there for y’all to see. You may find yourselves looking for excuses to go out and do something. Whether you go on walks together or stand under a sprinkler in the backyard, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to practice your craft and create great memories. It should leave you all jonesing for more family fun!


Families that fight crime together...

Telling your family’s story through the memories you capture, i.e., photos, is important. It can help your kids connect with you and feel more secure. So, get in the habit of picture sharing, whether it’s school and after-school events, birthdays, or family vacations. And that’s just one of the most important benefits of using DropEvent to share your photos. Continue using our family photo-sharing app and you’ll keep discovering even more! 


1. What is the benefit of family photos?

Displaying family photos plays a crucial role in making kids feel like they’re a part of a unit. It can also create a sense of security, which could help them trust themselves and their family during life transitions. 

2. Why is it important to display family photos?

Feeling as if you belong or you have value can help your kids develop a good sense of self-esteem. That said, it’s totally okay if you don’t want to blow up every picture and hang it in the foyer. Upload them to DropEvent and share your QR code with your kids for private photo sharing.

3. Why are vacation pictures important?

When you capture a photograph, you pave the way to picture sharing and create an opportunity for even more family time. Revisit your vacay photos with your loved ones, and they’ll bring back how you felt while taking them! Relive happier times and rejoice as you remember together.