Make documenting school events a fun collaboration between students, staffs, and parents

DropEvent is the simplest way to collect and share photos — no apps or uploader accounts required

Make documenting school events a fun collaboration between students, staffs, and parents

“School photographer” wasn’t in the job description… until you found out you managed the school newsletter, yearbook and Twitter account.

You stay late for some “action shots,” even though it means being late for your own kids. Instead, you’re left with photos of the same students month-after-month.
 So students are left asking themselves one question: “Why wasn’t I included?”

You wish you could make it to every event.

But it’s humanly impossible.

Unless you had a tool that did all the heavy lifting for you...

Stop being the only school photographer with DropEvent.

  • One account. You’re the only person who needs to register for an account. Create a live gallery right away to start gathering photos.
  • One link. You don’t need to manually invite all uploaders by importing their email address. Just send uploaders a personalized link to your gallery or a dedicated email address and you’re all set.
  • Unlimited pictures. Students, staff, and parents can send unlimited photos to your gallery through your dedicated email address or link.
See DropEvent in action
Make documenting school events a fun collaboration between students, staffs, and parents
  • Inspire budding photographers. Empower even the littlest ones at your school to be a bigger part of their school community. QR codes make it easy for classroom photojournalists to upload their “big wins” to a shared photo gallery.
  • See your school from your students’ perspectives. Collaborate with students. See highlights to your students’ days in pictures — all in one easy place for your approval. You can highlight everyone — not just sports teams or extracurricular activities. Build a more inclusive school community. One photo at a time.
  • Involve the parents. Parents could be passing you photos... except school accounts keep them locked out. You can’t give them a school email.But you can give them a link for DropEvent. No accounts, no shared folders, no school email addresses required. Let anyone share photos with one link.
Make documenting school events a fun collaboration between students, staffs, and parents

Maintain control over photos shared from your events

Unlimited uploads
Create collaborative albums
Upload without an account
Automatic slideshow creation
Original, hi-res image downloads
Easy to see photos in gallery
Review photos being uploaded
A boy sharing pictures using a laptop

How others use DropEvent

Wedding Planners.
Wow your clients with a beautiful gallery to collect memories of their big day. Impress guests and make it easy to collect pictures for those candid moments the photographers missed.


Funeral Home.
Make collecting memories for celebrations of life easy for friends and family.
Use your gallery to show a slideshow of collected pictures. Everyone can upload and see pictures through one link.

Corporate Events.
Whether you’re collecting pictures from colleagues, strangers, or participants. Anyone can upload pictures to your DropEvent gallery. Your admins have full control over uploaded pictures.

Corporate event

Every photo anyone uploads is secure, safe, and private

See our privacy policy for more information on how we protect students’ data.


You approve any photos added to your DropEvent gallery. No one can share anything inappropriate.You can also set a password for the gallery. Only people with your permission can view or download these photos.


See unique perspectives from your participants. Collaborative photo sharing for school activities, summer camp, volunteering, and many more opportunities.Your participants don’t have to download an app, create an account, or “be friends” to share photos.


Protect your student’s privacy by disabling photo downloads. Or turn on collection-only mode to disable the gallery altogether.

Share more inclusive school photos (and spend less time running to every event).

Give every student, parent, and staff an equal opportunity to be included in your school’s monthly newsletter.

  • No apps, sign-ups, or downloads to upload photos. All you need is a link to your DropEvent gallery and an email address
  • No size or quantity limit, fill your gallery with high-resolution photos you can treasure forever
  • Safe and secure sharing. Password-protected photo galleries, photo approval process, and limited downloading available


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