6 Family-Friendly Destinations for Your Next Vacation

Discover unforgettable family travel destinations that cater to every age and interest. Inside, find the perfect destinations to create lasting memories.

6 Family-Friendly Destinations for Your Next Vacation

Tis the season to start looking for the best family vacation spots and plan some family fun. The one good thing that came out of the pandemic was that businesses were forced to rethink how they operate. Some even used the downtime to renovate, upgrade, and refresh. Others revamped and became more eco-conscious. The bottom line being these kid-friendly locations are now ready to receive you. What’s more, we made sure to only include options that satisfy the condition of intergenerational travel. So, you’ll find family travel destinations that speak to all members of your crew, including the youngest and the oldest.

1. Dune du Pilat, France

Europe’s tallest sand dune is majestic and wildly popular. Introverted loved ones can spend the visit bonding with nature. Kids will love the guided story-time walks. If you arrive at the dune at sunset or sunrise, the shutterbugs will itch to photograph the magical sight when the sun hits the pristine sand. And since you already have our beach photography secrets on hand, use them to get the best pictures in one of the best family travel destinations!

Other activities you and your can enjoy there include:

  • Oyster tasting
  • Horseback riding
  • Mini golfing

P.S. Bordeaux is just 50 miles away. 

2. Murree, Pakistan

This picturesque hill station, located at a 45 minutes’ drive from Islamabad, was originally a British troop sanatorium. Now, it's a popular destination for family vacations in the winter and sees millions of visitors each year. If you visit, don’t forget to indulge in the following activities: 

  • Visiting Mall Road–a whole street dedicated to shopping, brimming with locally-sourced products. 
  • Strolling to Kashmir Point–ideal for family-themed photography
  • Chair-lifting in Patriata–unrolls the whole city to your view
  • Gorging on hot pakoras at Chara Pani

P.S. Murree’s considered among the best family vacation spots in December since there are several skiing resorts not too far from it!

3. Orlando, US

Both the young and those young-at-heart will love Orlando. Of course, its theme parks make it one of the best family vacation spots in the US. You can aim for Disney, Sea World, or Universal. But the city also has much to offer to fans of gourmet dining and international cuisine lovers. You’ll also find familiar American fast-food chains here. Orlando’s subtropical climate also makes it perfect for golfing. Don’t want to golf? Then spend some time wandering the beautiful downtown landscape in one of the best family vacation spots in Florida.

4. Thailand

One reason why Thailand has its place among the best family beach vacation spots is how affordable it is! Surrounded by turquoise water on all sides, this tropical island offers great scuba diving. Munch on street food while you’re out and about or stay at one of the budget guesthouses to stretch the cash and have family fun. 

A few things you can do there together:

  • Zipline like the Flying Hanuman for an eco-adventure
  • Say hi! to elephants in Chiang Mai
  • Hang on to your bamboo rafts at Chiang Mai
  • Go biking with kids at the Railway Park
  • Shop for toys at the Tooney Museum

5. Maribor, Slovenia

Slovenia’s Maribor is the perfect place packed with active entertainment for travelers of all ages and in all seasons. Drava river canoeing is on in the summers, but don’t worry if you’re visiting in the winters because that’s when skiing starts at Pohorje. Spring trips have single-track tobogganing and Soča River rafting on offer. Or, you can all go flying down Europe’s biggest zipline above the river Učja’s canyon.

While you’re having fun, don’t forget to immortalize the time you spend together at one of the best family travel destinations in the world with live picture uploads at DropEvent.

6. Daintree Forest, Australia

The Daintree Discovery Centre lets you explore nature like few other places do. Heck, we’d list it with the best family tropical vacation spots because of how fun it is for everyone. Whether you book your kids an interactive tour or let them wander around and enjoy the interactive displays, you’ll all learn more about rainforests. From giant spiders to snakes you can handle and rescue joeys, this Australian place is a must-visit. It also features a 23-meter high canopy tower that lets you marvel at the fauna and flora at all levels of the rainforest. 

P.S. Keep snapping and uploading on DropEvents as you slurp Daintree’s own ice cream, stroll in fruit orchards, get to see unique creatures like wallabies and pademelons, snorkel, or go on the Ocean Safari.


Discovering the best large family vacation spots can make for amazing summer vacations. Places like the family travel destinations we’ve mentioned above are great because they’ve something for travelers of all ages. So, pick the right destination, keep your family safe, and take lots of pictures. Upload them in bulk to DropEvent, and you can share with your extended family immediately. Or, use it to keep your memories safe and private until later.


1. How do I choose my next family vacation?

If you want to go on the best international family vacations, start by thinking about:

  • What do you want to get out of a trip?
  • Is it worth springing for tickets to a distant location when you could search for what are the best family vacation spots in the US? 
  • Will that place entertain your toddler as well as the teens in the family?
  • Are the places you’ve shortlisted equally as fun in the summers?

Other than that, look for deals and travel opportunities that can bring the trip cost down. Finally, ask other traveling families for advice and recommendations. 

2. How can I enjoy a family vacation?

Here are surefire ways to help you enjoy kid friendly vacations:

  • Have a huge stash of healthy snacks and beverages, including water
  • Stock up on board games and other ways of entertaining bored kids
  • Bring along extra clothes, wipes and napkins, blankets, pillows, and can’t-sleep-without-stuffed toys
  • Plan ahead from filling up on gas to bookings, layovers, and rest stops
  • Be ready for plans to fail and pencil in some free-time
  • Juice up all pads, tabs, phones, and cameras
  • Have extra cash on hand
  • Trip photography can be hard with kids. So, edit your photos before sharing!

3. What activities do families do on vacation?

A few great family vacation ideas include:

  • Road trips
  • Beach days
  • Cruises
  • Camping trips
  • Ranches and farm visits
  • Themed trips, such as Wonders of the World, History Tours, Volunteering Vacations, and Eco-Tours