Unveiling the Benefits of 15 Fun Corporate Event Ideas for Success

Hosting a corporate event? Try these 15 innovative yet fun corporate event ideas to boost cohesion and productivity, and elevate company culture for success.

Unveiling the Benefits of 15 Fun Corporate Event Ideas for Success

Almost two million events, including meetings, happen annually in the US alone. annually. And since they’re usually organized by the HR departments, the onus of finding something new may fall on you!

It can be difficult to find unique & fun corporate event ideas for every year even if you’re someone who really believes in the power of team building! After all, it’s easy for the other employees to find out what your competitors are up to—thank you, social media.

As an organizer, you’ll want to either build on others’ successes or start your own trend. And that’s why we’ve put together this listicle. It will give you ideas on how to execute something different.

The importance of creativity & bringing people from different backgrounds together

If this is your first such shindig, you may be wondering about the why of it. Why is it so important to conduct these events in the first place?

Here are some reasons:

  • It keeps employees sane and happy
  • Potential hires like to work in fun working environments
  • Each such event can be a huuuuuge branding opportunity
  • Improved workplace communication is essential for success
  • Improved communication dominoes into team bonding
  • Well-bonded teams are more productive
  • High productivity = less work duplication & friction
  • Team-building exercises simplify the discovery of new leaders within the workforce


To recap:

  • A large number of corporate events happen every year
  • Your company needs to do something unique to stand out
  • Such events also help build stronger teams
  • There are many benefits of team-building activities, including increased productivity

Now, let’s see what we have for you that will blow your competition out of the water!

From corporate events to fun corporate event ideas: unconventional event themes

It’s true professional development activities have their own place in a company’s success. However, that doesn’t mean all company get-togethers need to be formal slash dull events. Cut through the boring with these new-to-you ideas:

Mystery dinners

We present to you two variations for mystery dinners:

Variation #1: Host interactive dinners with engaging plots and character interactions. You can plan your own party or hire experts to do it for you.

Reddit sure is something!

Variation #2: Arrange interdepartmental dinners. The mystery, in this case, would be in the participants not knowing who they’ll be sharing tablespace with! All they’ll know ahead of time is which restaurant to show up at and when.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Get the list of company employees
  • Use this randomizer to shuffle it into groups of tens, twenty, etc.

List Randomizer

  • Make reservations at your go-to restaurant
  • Email the time and place to everybody on the list
  • Remind the company’s leaders they’ll be acting as hosts
  • Have everybody spend the evening chock full of good food and convo!

Casino night

Tick all the ritzy boxes for corporate event entertainment by throwing your own casino-style party. DIY organizers, you can find everything on Etsy.

Games to try:

  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Craps
  • Blackjack

Make your makeshift casino more interesting by:

  • Having employees play for raffle tickets
  • Set up a prize table & drawing boxes
  • Winners can wait until the end of the event to see what they won

Retro carnival

Retro carnivals can be great sources of entertainment for corporate events. Create a vintage carnival atmosphere with games, snacks, and nostalgic activities.

All your attendees need to bring is their nostalgia while you can help them harken back ye olde days with:

  • 🎨 Vintage décor & party favors from Etsy
  • 🎶 Disco beats to rock ‘n’ roll
  • 🍿 Popcorn & cotton candy
  • 🎡 Photo booth
  • 🎈 Carnival games

Team-Building event activities

Team-building activities can help teammates get to know each other better. That way, individuals can learn others’ skills and weaknesses. When a team gels together in non-work settings, they’re likely to carry those lessons into their professional lives.

So, smoothen that friction and transform your team into a well-oiled machine with these ideas:

Virtual trivia contests

Host virtual trivia sessions to encourage friendly competition and knowledge sharing. This kind of corporate party entertainment’s perfect for completely remote and hybrid teams. Because it ensures everyone can be included.

Trivia nights can also be a great opportunities for colleagues to get together and solve challenges that have nothing to do with their daily jobs.

For this event, you can:

  • Hire companies that will host the event on their website

Some examples include The Trivia Factory, District Trivia, and the Big Quiz Thing.

  • Or, prep your own questions and DIY the whole thing

In that case, you can use Buzzfeed, Thought Catalog, or Brightful for inspiration. Once you have your quiz ready, divide the company into teams—four or more should do. Raise the stakes and employee interest by offering prizes.

P.S. Divide your quiz into different categories, such as Hollywood, Holidays, & History.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to make some extras in case of ties and for bonus rounds.

Outdoor scavenger hunts

Organize thrilling scavenger hunts to promote teamwork and problem-solving.


Some points to keep in mind when planning an outdoor scavenger-based corporate event:

  • Use creative services, such as The Go Game or Stray Boots to organize the hunt for the company, such as:
  • Or, plan it yourself

If you go down the latter route, make sure to:

  • Check the weather forecast
  • Stick to crowded and well-lit areas
  • Pick a theme
  • DIY the clues
  • Choose good prizes
  • Divide the workforce into different teams
  • Have a centralized communication channel
  • Decide on an emergency contact channel
  • Have teams do regular check-ins

Sports tournaments

Organize friendly sports matches to promote camaraderie and physical wellness. Your company can support various leagues, such as:

  • Softball
  • Football
  • Bowling
  • Kickball
  • Axe throwing

Redditors 🪓strike🪓 again!

  • Golf

That said, regardless of which company party entertainment ideas you choose, make sure the company pays the fees for:

  • Entrance
  • Locations
  • Required permits
  • Officiants

Entertainment for corporate events

Here are some even more fun corporate event ideas:

Virtual Reality experiences

Incorporate VR activities for immersive and engaging experiences.

Physical escape rooms, for instance, are often used for team-building and corporate get-togethers. But the pandemic put a stop to that. But don’t let it stop your employees from having a fun-filled virtual experience! Companies like Virtual Escape Room can help you out there.

  • Cooking class


  • Yoga class
  • Mixology class


P.S. diverse workforces can whip up these non-alcoholic classic cocktail versions.

Finally, you can also use virtual reality in your next corporate professional development workshop:

  • Get remote employees to visit new offices and manufacturing plants
  • Visit charitable organizations situated anywhere in the world that your company donates to
  • New product rollouts & demos for sales and marketing teams
  • Redesigning the brand experience? VR can showcase it to all employees

Looking for low-cost entertainment ideas for a virtual corporate event? You’ll find several here.

Comedy nights

Invite comedians to entertain and lighten the atmosphere during corporate gatherings.

Nothing brings people closer than sharing a laugh together! Our advice for this Team-building event? Look for comedians who:

Alternatively, you can organize improv sessions for improved communication and collaboration between and within teams:


Live Music Performances

We have three variations for this type of entertainment:

Variation #1: Feature local bands or musicians

Variation #2: Karaoke—physical or virtual (see below)—with awards for participation

Your karaoke playlist:

  • Dancing Queen, Abba
  • Angels, Robbie Williams
  • Wannabe, Spice Girl
  • Uptown Girl, Billy Joel
  • Don’t Stop Believin’, Journey
  • Shake It Off, Taylor Swift
  • Africa, Toto
  • Summer Nights, Grease
  • Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond
  • Mr Brightside, The Killers
  • Build Me Up Buttercup, The Foundations

There are also readymade lists on YouTube for you to use.

How to plan a virtual karaoke night:

  • Create and distribute the Zoom meeting link
  • Set up a person to be the KJ (Karaoke DJ)
  • Go to YouTube and insert (search [name of song] karaoke) in the search bar
  • Put your playlist together
  • Once everyone’s online, add the KJ to the queue
  • Explain attendees should hit Share Screen when it’s their turn to sing
  • Have fun!

Variation #3: Bandeoke—Add some oomph by having a live band play backing tracks live!

Charity and volunteering initiatives

If music and laughter fail to bring your team around, the idea of giving back definitely should! As you’ll see below, there are different approaches you can try with such initiatives. We’ve tried to cover as many as we can:

Volunteer days

Dedicate a day to volunteering for local charities or community projects.

Your staff can help people out:

  • At local soup kitchens
  • By building Habitat for Humanity houses
  • Through skill-based volunteering via Catchafire
  • Find their own way with VolunteerMatch


Community Cleanup

Collaborate on initiatives to clean up local parks or public spaces.


One of the best advantages of organizing such an event is it costs little to nothing! So, if you’re looking to plan one, here are some pointers:

  • Join forces with local nonprofits to clean public spaces, like beaches
  • Look for public events, such as parades and concerts, that leave a lot of waste behind
  • Don’t forget to separate the recyclables
  • You can raise more funds by selling those recyclables to the local center

Fundraising Events

Organize fundraising activities and donate the proceeds to a chosen charity.

Here are some ideas your team can try:

  • Organize a Dance Marathon
  • Read-a-thon

  • Rent-an-Athlete
  • Crowdfunding
  • Eating contests
  • Water balloon fight
  • Sales (used books, garage, etc.)
  • Video games contest

P.S. You can turn any of the entertainment ideas for events we’ve mentioned above into a fundraising event. For instance, cooking/baking classes at the end of which your chefs can take up their offerings to a shelter.

Similarly, transform your company's outdoor scavenger hunt into a Random Acts of Kindness hunt. Using the Outback app, teams can do tasks that benefit community members to win challenges.

Hiking and Picnic Retreats

Organize nature hikes followed by a relaxing picnic to promote cohesion and healthy work-life balance.


That said, such a team outing will come with potential risks. Therefore, follow these steps to ensure everyone’s safety:

  • Use Google Maps to find hiking trails near you

  • Refine your choice, based on reviews, trail difficulty, accessibility, etc.
  • Check the weather forecast
  • List items to add to your (organizer) and participants’ backpacks
  • Choose team-building challenges to do on the hike (see some below)
  • Add in a surprise guided mindfulness session
  • Decide on a picnic spot at the end of the hike
  • Plan the picnic menu


Team-building exercises to try—and why—while on a hike:

  • Blindfolded Trust Walk—pairs guide each other while blindfolded

Fosters trust and communication

  • Photo Scavenger Hunt—Teams have to capture specific items

Encourages teamwork

  • Nature Bingo—Use elements of nature, such as types of leaves, animals, insects, flowers, rocks, or natural landmarks

Increases employee engagement & interaction

  • Group Storytelling—Weave a story together

Fosters creativity and teamwork

Kayaking and Canoeing Expeditions

Plan water-based adventures to encourage teamwork.

Use Google Maps to find kayaking or canoeing spots nearby. Plan the trip using the instructions mentioned above. Assign 2-3 team members to each vessel. And then sit back and watch how teams come together in a literal sink-or-swim situation!

Team Olympics

Design outdoor challenges and games in a competitive Olympic format.

A corporate Olympiad can be a valuable opportunity for promoting positive qualities and interaction within teams and companies. For instance, individuals learn to work together, show off, and win challenges with skills they excel at, all while engaging in a friendly competition.

We’d recommend adding both physical and mental challenges to your ceremony. That way, the differently abled can also join in.

Below, we’re outlining the general structure of an Olympiad event. You can use it as is or modify it according to your team’s needs:

Opening Ceremony

  • Emulate the grand opening with a ceremony—team procession, keynote speech, and torch lighting

Gaming Zone

  • Team building relays, such as sack or three-legged races and a human knot challenge
  • Physical prowess checkers, such as tugs-of-war and virtual sports
  • Brain-teasing marathons with puzzles and riddles
  • Innovative decathlons, such as escape rooms and building contraptions with office supplies

Medal Ceremony

  • Celebrate the winners and cheer on the participants with medals

Closing Gala

  • Conclude with dinner and entertainment (comedians, bands, etc.)
  • Highlight the value of cross-functional unity with a highlight reel/slideshow from the event
  • Announce next year’s Olympiad event

In short, your participants will be using physical strength, teamwork, creative thinking, and logic to get through the hurdles. They’ll also get to know each other better.

Create an Event Wall


One thing many companies fail to understand about fun corporate event ideas is the need for post-event follow-ups. And one way easy way of doing that is through an Event Wall.

Why do it?

Because it’s important that employees revisit the good times they had for several reasons:

  • It will keep the sense of camaraderie alive for longer
  • It can also serve as a reminder your company values its employees
  • Increased engagement between employees is always a plus
  • Fosters a sense of community and ownership
  • You can create branding opportunities with the content
  • It can also be a way of getting event-specific employee feedback
  • Use the UGC to show off your fun workplace culture & attract the right talent

So, for instance, if one of your business entertainment ideas involved a game of Pictionary, you can ask employees to share their team’s pictures with you, which you’ll then pin on a physical wall or pool in an album on DropEvent.

How do you do it?

  • Label a physical or digital space as your Event Wall
  • If it’s physical, ensure the place is easily accessible and in plain view
  • If it’s digital, like DropEvent, make sure they know how to use the channel
  • Clearly, state employees can post photos of their event experiences on it
  • Encourage interaction and engagement over each others’ pictures

Having trouble collecting pictures for your Event Wall? Find an easy solution here.

Summing it Up

Executing a fun corporate event idea comes with so many positive outcomes. But it won’t be wrong to sum them up by saying they all translate into team cohesiveness and overall productivity. In other words, happier employees are more engaged and stick around for longer.

Which of these unique events did you like the most? Let us know how well it worked out for you, if you do try it.


1. How do I host an office fun event?

Host a fun office event with the help of these simple steps:

  1. Get to know your audience and what they like
  2. Pick easy-to-get-to venues and a time slot within office hours
  3. Choose activities that will help attendees interact and engage them
  4. Make attendance more likely with prizes and rewards

2. How can I make my event fun?

You can make your event fun and engaging if you:

  • Marry the theme to your objective and attendee interests
  • Plan a few pre-event buzz-building activities
  • Get the senior leadership to contribute to the hype
  • Arrange for the audience to make and preserve memories
  • Throw in audience-engaging activities and prizes
  • Ask for audience feedback for future events

3. How do I start an office fun activity?

Start an office fun activity by aligning preferences and objectives. Then choose activities to promote both. Iron out the details, like resources, venues, timings, for smooth execution. Finally, put the event on repeat, so people will look forward to it.

4. How do you entertain a crowd?

You can entertain a crowd if you give them a reason to listen to you. Some ways of doing that are:

  • Storytelling
  • Descriptive characterization
  • Sharing personal experiences
  • Relating to current events
  • Piggybacking off previous events, themes, etc.
  • Connect those present to your theme

How do you provide creative concepts for business events?

If you have to provide creative concepts for a business event, use this strategic approach:

  • Start by understanding the event’s purpose and attendees’ interests.
  • Narrow down themes while also keeping an eye on the latest trends and your budget.
  • Make sure to include interactive exercises and focus on aesthetics.
  • Use tools like tech, and techniques like storytelling to flesh out the concept.
  • Finally, include detailed plans for execution and getting post-event feedback.