Coachella Style Guide: How to Dress for the Ultimate Festival Experience

Think you’ve left deciding your Coachella outfit and now it’s too late? Don’t worry, Elle Woods has ideas you’ll want to hear!

Coachella Style Guide: How to Dress for the Ultimate Festival Experience

If this is going to be your first-ever Coachella, we can tell you two things you’d need to remember to make it a success. First off, this now-world-famous Southern Californian music festival is as much about fashion as it is about music. 

As most people would tell you, there’s no dress code. Even so, you must have seen the IG photos and Pinterest boards. So many display fashions beyond street-style and more boho-chic than anything else. And that’s what many attendees gravitate towards–it’s okay if that’s your idea of how to dress for Coachella,too.

But it does bring us to the second thing to ensure you’ll have a great time there. If you aren’t a celebrity, stop reaching for a crochet bikini, laced gladiators, or bodysuits–  gem-studded like RiRi’s or one reminiscent of Harry Styles coachella outfits in 2022.  

First-time attendees want to copy celebrity Coachella outfits, like the unholy child of tomb-raider and sluttiness, aka, tana mongeau Coachella outfits 2019 or the Blackpink Coachella outfits with shades of Asian schoolgirl. That move can be problematic because those aren’t practical choices! 

Unlike the VIPs, you’ll be slumming it with the rest of the festival-goers. That’s sans air-conditioned camping trailers or private bathrooms–imagine trying to shimmy out of your Coachella outfits 2022 bodysuit in a porta-potty.

In short, what you wear to Coachella will largely determine how much you enjoy your time there! 

So, Should I Give up All Hope of Looking Stylish?

She’d also have stories upon stories of sorority sisters who went down that road and regretted it.

Would Elle lead you astray? And more importantly, would she not have a million Coachella outfits ideas that involve you looking as if you’d just stepped off the runway?

Well, as long as you stick to her Coachella rules: 

No Whites

Anything that’s a solid white is a big NO! Think about it, you’ll be in the grimy and dusty desert. It’s hell-adjacent hot in the day and cold during the night. We’d also advise caution when picking black Coachella outfits for the same reasons. Instead, opt for light shades to keep the dirt and sweat stains at bay.

Yes to Breezy & Breathable 

No matter how cute Coachella outfits you pick, if you don’t go for breathable fabrics or breezy styles, you’ll be sweating through them. Aside from the heat, you’d also be walking from stage to stage. So, your choice for the best Coachella outfits should be light and easy to move in. 

No Repeats 

We often re-wear the same jeans with different tops to create alternate ensembles. That won’t work with Coachella festival outfits. After spending the whole day sweating, dancing, and sitting on the ground–not to mention the food truck visits and potential stains–you probably won’t be able to pull off repeats. In fact, we’d recommend not wearing any articles or accessories with outfits for Coachella that you wouldn’t want to throw away or lose! 

That said, you may want to be wearing your fave top or necklace when taking festival photos. We totally understand. So, do that–take the picture and stow the item away before you leave your camp. Simple!

No, You Should Use these Ideas for Coachella Outfits Instead

Now, it’s time for the main event, i.e., ideas for your Coachella outfits. We present you with the following with Elle’s blessing:

Boho Coachella Outfits

Simply explained, Boho fashion has shades of bohemian, hippy, and ethnic. It is also light and airy, which is why it’s ideal for an open-air event set out in the desert.

When choosing boho coachella outfits, opt for:

  • Bold, flowery prints, ethnic patterns, and fringes
  • Earthy colors are great for Coachella boho outfits, so experiment with olives, browns, oranges, and beiges
  • Pair loose, flowy dresses or skirts with crochet blouses and cardigans or smart trousers/jeans with light shirts. Complete the look with eye-catching accessories, such as hats, jewelry, braces, and rugged footwear, like boots.
Elle says to channel your inner Olsen.

Maxi dresses paired with rugged boots, and denim jackets are a good mix of creative and rustic. Romantic blouses, hair bandanas, and crochet cardigans worn with jeans can make up more great outfits. 

Men can flaunt the bohemian style with floral shirts, chinos, and beady accessories. Throw on a cowboy hat and boots or add bracelets to your outfit.

Rocky Coachella Outfits

Prefer edgy over breezy? Then you should go for the rocky look. Simply explained, that means band tees, leather jackets, and frayed jeans. Neutral shades, like grays and blacks, or bolder ones, such as reds, are the best choices here.

Not Elle's color, but she's digging the style.

Rocky Coachella outfits women can consist of band tees/blouses over skirts or jeans and leather outerwear. 

Coachella outfits men sporting the rocky lock will have similar elements. Of course, both can also choose checkered shirts or leather shoes.

Sporty Coachella Outfits

The sporty trend is comfortable, uses breathable and quick-drying fabrics, and is perfect for dancing away hot summer days. You’ll have the whole color palette to choose for your trainers, tracksuit tops, and jackets. 

The sporty men's Coachella outfits can consist of jeans/tracksuits bottoms, tees, and colorful trainers. 

Or—suggests Elle—check out Vanessa Hudgens' Coachella outfits and go for something Mariah Carey inspired.

Coachella women's outfits can also level up with light jumpers and oversized jackets.

Tie-dye Coachella Outfits

The interesting patterns that tie-dye creates are what make it such a popular choice for women and mens Coachella outfits. Adopt the style if you want to give off positive and high-spirited vibes.

When going with tie-dyed stuff, you can choose to offset the pattern with a neutral colored garment. Or, you can take it to the next level and pair it with trousers/dresses in a colorful pattern. And those even more brave of heart can carry off entirely tie-dyed pattern-coordinated outfits *gasp* Finally, pull on a hoodie or a denim jacket to complete the ensemble.

Elle adores this guy's commitment to tie & dye.
Elle has a point. Plan for loungewear if you plan to lounge by the pool!

Short on ideas? Use Pinterest and Coachella outfits Instagram for inspiration.

Use DropEvent to Preserve Your Coachella Memories

Elle says you've made her day!

Don’t forget to capture every moment for posterity after turning your dream festival outfit into a reality! We’d say spam everyone and share photos, showing how much fun you’re having. 

But first, let us remind you about the Coachella photo policy. The festival only allows digital, point-and-shoot, disposable, polaroid, and film cameras. So, leave your video and detachable lens cameras at home.

That doesn’t mean you can’t continue with the spamming we mentioned above. You can achieve that objective with DropEvent because it’s:

  • Perfect for bulk uploads–let’s be honest, that is what you’ll be doing. Snapping shots then and there so you can look for the Coachella festival best photo to post on your Insta later on
  • So so so easy to share–your friends can pile up with their captures with a QR code from you
  • Oh-so easy to use–no app downloads, passwords, etc. required and you can keep uploading even as you enjoy Coachella
  • Made to keep your images and vids safe–you can forget about them for 55 days and DropEvent will keep them for you


The correct Coachella themed outfits can be the feel-good factor that doesn’t just make this visit a success. It may also get you to return to the festival year after year! So, choose wisely. And once you do, let the world–or your loved ones, we love our introvert readers the same–know how hard you rocked your first Coachella with DropEvent’s help


1. How do you Coachella?

You do it by prioritizing comfort over couture. That way, you can keep rocking to your favorite tunes, chill with friends, and make memorable memories.  

2. Is there a dress code at Coachella?

While there aren’t any Coachella fashion rules, you’ll see many attendees sporting either boho or glam rock fashions. Prepare yourself to see a lot of outrageous free-love and skin-showing outfits. Or better yet, join in!

3. How do you pack for Coachella?

Besides throwing Coachella themed party outfits for women or men into your suitcase, you should also bring: 

  • A water bottle
  • Money/credit cards
  • Festival and other IDs
  • A light sweater or jacket if not a part of one of your ensembles because desert at night = cold
  • A million scrunchies–you know you’ll lose ten each day
  • Your phone and charger–so you can keep uploading pictures via DropEvent
  • A backup portable charger because where are you going to find a plug in the desert once you leave camp?
  • A Kindle–optional but useful for rewinding and relaxing