Collecting photos from your event should be easy. With DropEvent, it is.

From birthdays to family reunions to graduation day, DropEvent makes it easy for you to capture every moment — with a single link.

Easy photo sharing without downloads, apps, or social media accounts

No matter the experience, DropEvent gives you the easiest way to collect and share memories so you don’t miss a single moment.

Nana smiling and laughing at her 90th birthday party…

The breathtaking mountain views from that weekend getaway with friends…

That incredible slide into home when your kid clinched the state champs for their team…

Every moment you want to remember and treasure in a single place with easy sharing.

various event polaroids

Whoever said gathering everyone's photos is hard has never tried DropEvent

Collect and share your special moments with a single link and capture each memory from everyone’s perspective.

Even if you forget your phone, tech’s not your thing, or you’re not friends on Facebook…

With DropEvent, you can capture ALL your event photos in a single link — whatever the event may be:

DropEvent makes it easy for your friends and family to upload the photos they want without worrying about storage limits, creating an account, or downloading an app.

Summer camp


Sports events



…and any other happening that's worth remembering!

"Download and share those exciting moments"

"We use DropEvent for housing our club volleyball teams photos. The site allows parents to download and share those exciting moments with one another.”

— Denise and Dave Schnieders, Owner/Director Aftershock Volleyball Club

You’ll Love That It’s Incredibly Fast And Simple To Use:

Start gathering every moment that counts, in 3 simple steps.

01 Create your gallery

Get ready to collect and share photos quickly and easily. All it takes is one person to signup for an account and you’ll get a QR code and link that makes it easy for everyone to share their shots.

02 Invite other attendees

Anyone with the link can share photos to the gallery right away — no downloads, no apps, no passwords.

03 Collect every memory

All photos are stored in a single shared gallery. You control what photos are shared (and with who).

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