Emily Kelly & William Bell Pre-Wedding Memory Lane (Life and Love Story) Photo Montage

The big event will be here before we know it, and I am looking forward to seeing all of you!

For those of you I have not yet met or communicated with, I am Emily’s way older sister 😊.

I reach out today because I would like to put together a photo montage slideshow of Emily and Will’s lives to include treasured memories of life, family and friendship captured prior to and of their love story (so from birth to present day).

The montage can then be displayed, as desired, at one of the wedding weekend event venues.

Of course, I need your help gathering the photos.

Can each of you please provide me with photos and/or videos

I can add to the memory lane presentation. You can upload your photos here in DropEvent or by emailing (molly.wiegel@broadstone.com) or texting (585-643-0013) them to me.

Unfortunately, DropEvent does not currently support video downloads, so if you have any video clips you would like to send along, please email or text them to me.

I will also grab photos and videos off of Emily and Will’s Facebook accounts.

Please provide them 7 pm EDT on Sunday, April 18th. My apologies for the rush!

Thank so very much for your help!