For School Leaders wearing all the hats...

Easily showcase any school event
...even if you didn't attend it!

DropEvent is the simplest way to collect and share photos — no apps or user accounts required

“School photographer” wasn’t in the job description… until you found out you managed the school newsletter, yearbook and twitter account

You stay late for some “action shots,” even though it means being late for your own kids.

And you’re still missing special moments that could be shared...

Instead, you’re left with photos of the same students month-after-month. The students in extracurricular activities or in classrooms with tech-savvy teachers.

So students are left asking themselves one heartbreaking question:

“Why wasn’t I included?”

You wish you could make it to every event. But it’s humanly impossible.

Unless you had a tool that did all the heavy lifting for you...

school newsletter

Stop being the only school photographer
with DropEvent

1. Create an event. All you need is a single login.

celebration photo

2. Anyone can upload photos with one link or printable QR code. So even a kindergartener can use it!

community photo

3. View and approve ALL your photos in one gallery. Password protected and shareable at your discretion for easy collaboration.

corporate photo

Capture and share exciting moments
with parents, staff, and students

Make your school photos more inclusive

kid photo

Inspire budding photographers

Empower even the littlest ones at your school to be a bigger part of their school community. QR codes make it easy for classroom photojournalists to upload their “big wins” to a shared photo gallery. Now, all you have to do is include them in your month-end slideshow.

Showcase student voice

Give your yearbook team and communications teams the photos they need to include everyone. Now, they’re stuck with what they’ve managed to capture between classes and when they’re not busy with their own extracurriculars. With collaborative photo galleries, they could include everyone’s perspective in your school community.

kid photo
kid photo

Share everyone’s wins

Capture the amazing learning going on in your school 24/7. Give students the power of sharing their photographs with you — all in one easy place for your approval. Now, you can highlight everyone — not just sports teams or extracurricular activities. Build a more inclusive school community. One photo at a time.

Engage parents

Parents could be passing you photos . . . except school accounts keep them locked out. You can’t give them a school email. But you can give them a link for DropEvent. No accounts, no shared folders, no school email addresses required. Let anyone share photos with one link.

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Every photo anyone uploads is secure, safe, and private


You approve any photosaded to your DropEvent gallery. No one can share anything inappropriate. You also have the ability to disable downloading. Now, parents can’t share your photos on social media.


DropEvent provides a tarent and safe environment. You have one master account administering all your events. There are no messaging or public sharing features students can accidentally “turn on.” You choose who can collaborate on each event.


Your DropEvent photo gallery is your school’s private space. Only people with your permission can view or download these photos.

See our privacy policy for more information on how we protect students’ data.
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“As a parent organizer, it was a great way to bring the community together. At the end of the event, I just sent this link to the school and it can go in the yearbook. I even reached out to the marketing department. After I'd shared the link, she said, “Oh, these are so wonderful.”

— Maggie Liming, High School Parent Event Organizer

Share more inclusive school photos

(and spend less time running to every event)

Create a DropEvent account to see how much time you could save by giving everyone the opportunity to share their photos.

Just $49

No apps or download required

Easy sharing from any device

Customizable slideshow in minutes

Unlimited, high-resolution storage and downloads

Free zipped file + optional flash drive of your photos delivered automatically 45 days after your event

Security features - password-protected photo galleries, photo approval process, limited downloading available