Even if we can't all be together, at least our photos can

Everyone’s photos
Instantly in one place

Without ever downloading an app


Your team winning the state-level championship.

Shenanigans on the 4th grade field trip.

The crew cannon balling off the pier at summer camp.

At any one of these times there’s at least a dozen (if not more) snap-happy parents, teachers, or supervisors taking photos simultaneously.

Which is great. You get to capture one moment in time from multiple angles, and see some mind-blowingly awesome shots.

But... there's a problem.

Taking photos is the easy part.

The hard part is trying to collect everyone’s pics together and get them organized in one place.

Whether it’s to –

  • Piece together a fancy collage for this year’s Yearbook
  • Find the most epic pics to impress parents in the weekly newsletter
  • Or even create a slick slideshow for the board of directors

– You’ve got a tough road ahead of you.

Because trying to get everyone to co-operate and put all their pics in one place is practically impossible.

It’s hard enough that some people use tablets, while others smartphones, and yet others digital cameras…

You’ve got to deal with:

  • Overly-protective parents who are paranoid about who has access to pics of their kids…
  • Fierce know-it-all tech hipsters who refuse to use any file sharing extension (except for that obscure one that no one knows about)...
  • And sports coaches and camp supervisors whose idea of photo sharing starts and ends with WhatsApp…

Trying to convince everyone to sign up or download an app or extension is… well, impossible.

Not anymore

DropEvent makes collecting and sharing photos simple, easy, safe, and fun.

There’s no need to download or sign up for anything.

You just need one account.

That’s it.

And you’ve got complete control.

With a single DropEvent account (and WiFi/internet connection) everyone can upload their photos instantly from their desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Simple. Fast. Secure.

DropEvent makes jaws drop when people realize just how easy it is.

Paranoid parents relax and get off your case, knowing that only those with authorized access can view their photos.

And even self-branded "anti-tech” camp counselors and coaches are quick to ditch older apps when they see how DropEvent works.

It's faster and easier than anything they've ever tried before.

What’s more, DropEvent comes with an incredible range of extra benefits that makes your photo sharing and coordinating even easier.

  • No account limits: Unlike some photo or file sharing apps, everyone who was at that sleep-away camp, the 4th grade field trip, or last week’s homecoming can upload as many photos as they want.
  • Streamlined organizing: Dump the blurry ones, the multiple takes, and the photobombs with a single click. Organize efficiently by date, week, or occasion.
  • Selective access: You choose who can view and download the photo collection – you even get to pick whether they can access only thumbnails or full size images.
  • Instant slideshows: You no longer have to transfer pics to PowerPoint or a fancy editing studio. Create a slideshow (that looks like you paid a professional to do it) in mere seconds.
  • No downloading apps or extensions, or forcing sign-ups: No need to ask everyone to create an account or download software. All anyone has to do is hop on the DropEvent website and start uploading.

What are you waiting for?

Stop fielding emails and messages from parents and supervisors, asking if they can send you their pics.

Get your DropEvent account set up right now. It’s unbelievably fast and simple.

All you have to do is click on the "Sign Up" button and in a few minutes, you can stop making excuses and start telling people where to send their pics.

Start collecting photos today!

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