Easily gather photos of your loved one and cherish their memories forever

Friends and family can upload pictures without passwords or an app

Your loved one’s unique life story in photos

We don’t want to burden you with anything complicated right now. Gathering photos of your loved one should be easy and effortless.

You can invite friends and family to share their photos with just one link — all you need is an email address.

So that you can focus on what’s important while the happy memories start dropping in.

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Gather unlimited, high-resolution photos with just one link

Photo sharing that’s easy for everyone

Gather memories effortlessly. With photo sharing that’s as easy for grandparents as it is for kids, you’re free to spend time on what matters most.

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community photo

All the photos you want, one low price

Save your memories and your money. Share unlimited photos with a custom web address, create slideshows, and share with family and friends… all for just $49.

Celebrate life with a memorial slideshow

Cherish shared memories and discover new ones. Invite friends and family to upload their photos and play a personalized slideshow during your memorial service or celebration of life event.

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community photo

High-resolution photos to keep forever

After your event, print or store your photos forever. You’ll receive a high-resolution digital download of your images plus an optional flash drive sent to your home.

“Helped our family grieve and honor the memories”

“I searched high and low for a service that would minimize barriers of needing to create an account, download an app, and more.

“After a tragic death, this was the best way to gather photo memories of our loved one. The platform made photo sharing seamless and will help the family grieve and honor the memories.

“Every funeral home should be using your technology as a service to their families! Just wanted to share my gratitude. Thank you!”

- Melissa Baxter, DropEvent User

How exactly does DropEvent work?
(and other FAQs)
  • We give you a link, email address, and QR code that you can share with anyone. People can then upload pictures when they click on that link or QR code — or they can email photos to your DropEvent email address. As photos arrive, they will automatically go into your folder.

    You have 45 days to collect photos from the moment you choose to activate your event (you can do this at any point after paying).

    At the end of your 45 day period you can then download all the photos to your computer. Read more about how DropEvent works.

  • Unlike most other sites and tools, DropEvent doesn’t require people to have an account or password when they upload photos. It also doesn’t reduce photo resolution, and it promises complete privacy. DropEvent was designed purely for gathering and sharing photos.

    It only has one job to do, and it does it well.

  • While social media can be a lovely space to share comments and stories, Facebook isn’t designed for photo sharing and downloading. It reduces the resolution of photos, is not a private space, and doesn’t store the photos together in one easily accessible album.

  • DropEvent is designed to help you share your memories with only the people you choose. You decide who gets your upload link, address, or QR code -- and that means you're in control of who can share and view photos.

  • You’ll receive an email message from us toward the end of your 45-day period, and prompt you to either download your photos or receive a USB or flash drive in the mail for an additional $20 fee.

  • Yes, you can add the date, location, time and other details to your page. Then everyone will see this information when they upload their photos.

Have other questions? Read more about how DropEvent works, or send us a message anytime.

Start creating an album of memories today

Create a DropEvent account with your name and email address, and start collecting for your memorial celebration.

No apps or download required
Easy sharing from any device...all you need is an email address!
Customizable slideshow to honor your loved one during your event
High-resolution photos you can cherish forever
Free zipped file + optional flash drive of your photos so you won’t lose a single memory
Unlimited photos for $49